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Best Massage Chair Reviews for your relaxing

Nothing is more important than a good massage after work. The modern urban life is too busy to find time for the spa. However, with the best massage chair reviews, you can find a way to save the moment. When these seats came to the market in the early 80s, they were projected to replace physiotherapists who relieve pains and muscle tensions. Later, the seats went viral, with many people finding them trendy. Today, electric massage seats are some of the most sought for products on online stores. Below is a straightforward review of the top massage chairs.

Features of the best quality massage chairs

What makes the best massage chair? Well, when you want to buy the top massage seat, you need to look out for some important features. For instance, you must ensure it is efficient and cost friendly. Here are some of the features that you should consider when adding a massage chair to your cart.

Scope of the massage

A good massage chair should be able to massage your body- from head to toe. To qualify the list of the best massage chairs, a robot needs to offer deep massage. Therefore, you need to find one that is robust enough to reach out to fatigued deep tissues.

Maintenance cost

Just because a seat is elegant does not mean that it is cost effective. Of course, some of those you find at the stores are exorbitant. You need to shun expensive massage seats and go for those that have value for money. You see, the most expensive massage chair is not always the best. However, you’d better go for one that is expensive but is cost effective. So, place to your cart the massage chair that has the lowest maintenance cost.


Like every other electronic device, a massage chair needs to have a guarantee period. This is the time you can return the device if it turns out to be faulty. Most electronic massaging devices have up to three years warranty. Ensure you pick a massage chair whose warranty is long enough. Of course, you need to watch out lest you fall into the trap of advertisers who say their products have a warranty of more than five years.

After you purchase the best seat, you can take it to your home. This might help you get a massage after work. In addition, a massage chair can be amazing is placed in your office. At least, it would increase your output by helping you soothe the backaches. If you have a hair salon or spa, the massage chair can be an amazing way to keep your clients coming.

Massage chairs are necessary for busy people who do not have the time to go to the spa after work. The seats come in handy to help them relax. In addition, individuals who have regular aches may find these devices worthy. In brief, anyone who wants to have a self-controlled massage can buy this chair.

The majority of massage chairs are stuffed with multiple features. However, you only require a few like lumbar heat, hip massage, and vibration features. The seat also needs to possess speed and intensity settings. Shiatsu massage features are worthy, too.

The majority of massage seats have a warranty of between one and five years. Some brands have a ten-year warranty for the frame and five for the electronic devices, but they are more expensive.

If you have a massage seat at home, you gain in several ways. First, it spares you the nuisance of having to drive to the spa every day you need a massage. Again, a home massage chair is cheap in the end because it helps you save the cash you’d use to have a massage. Most important, a massage seat at home gives you the audacity to get a massage anytime you wish.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Massage Chair

When you resolve to purchase a top quality massage seat, there are factors you need to consider. Primarily, you should buy a chair by our massage chair reviews if it favors you in the following ways.

Consider and identify your priorities

Why do you want to purchase the massage seat? Answering this question helps you point out your priorities. Of course, a massage chair is not a primary need, and if you are struggling to decide whether to pay mortgage bills or buy a massage seat, you should go for the former. If the chair is your priority,  go right ahead and place it on your shopping list.

Set your budget

Of course, your shopping list needs to have an alignment with the cash you possess. Thus, getting a budget to fit your needs is a smart idea. The budget will help you choose a massage chair that best fits your financial ability.

Massage chair price          

After you have a budget, it is time to look out for the price of the massage chair. Inclusive of the shipping fee, these seats cost about five hundred dollars. Nevertheless, that depends on your location and the features of the product. If the price suits your budget, then Tom has found Jerry!

Choose the brand

Many massage chairs will fit the description, and that is why you need to be careful in making the decision. A lucrative price is not a guarantee that it is a good chair already. So, you need to find the best massage chair reviews to help you discern the most suitable chair for you.

Where to buy a massage chair

After you are convinced about the brand, find a store to purchase it. The best stores are those near you. Also, a good shop should help you do the shipping. While you can buy the massage chair at the stores in your neighborhood, it is more convenient to order one right from your sofa. So, you can try Amazon or eBay.


The golden rule of buying stuff is carrying out some personal research about the product. Never mind- you can always visit this site for the best massage chair reviews on the entire internet. Also, you can look out for the stars on every product. The stars express the customer satisfaction rate and might guide you to know how the chair works.

Massage Chair Reviews Prior Research

The thumb rule of buying a product online is to do a deep research. No one wants to have a raw deal, so, there’s need for prior research before adding a product to your cart. On the internet, you can find the best massage chair reviews. These reports contain the feelings that different people have about a product. Of course, comprehensive reviews come from intensive research. Also, pay attention to the customer reviews on Amazon- you may find how to make a successful return. At least, the ratings should guide you to find the best chair.

Now, the following considerations should guide your research. No doubt, you will find the best massage chair reviews out there, if you follow the method.

Structure and design

If you want a durable massage chair, you have to consider finding one with a good design. The material or chassis needs to be tough. Remember, the type of material determines whether the chair will require regular maintenance or not. You should also find out the chair’s color- at least, you want to make it rhyme with your décor. And, of course, a big chair might not have room in your house. So, get one with the proper size. Noteworthy, most massage chairs consume a large space in your home, and you need to put that in mind when placing one in your cart.

Massage coverage

While you can get a massage chair for specific parts of your body, you can as well find one for your whole body. The full body massage chair exerts some pressure vibration on different parts. So, do you want a to press the upper or the lower part? Or, are you looking for a chair that will deal with your entire body? Your answers will determine the kind of chair you should buy by our massage chair reviews. 

Massage styles and software

These chairs have different styles of massaging you. For instance, some have shiatsu software (programs?), rollers, or kneading features. While cheap chairs will only vibrate on the body, the high-end varieties will bring you a cocktail of massages. The high-quality massage chair reviews also have pre-installed software that controls the massaging process.


With the advanced, you can customize the massage settings to improve the experience. Also, the customization features allow you to concentrate on a particular body part. Some chairs have a remote control while others have a touchpad to make the commands. The controls help you adjust the intensity of the massage.

If you make use of the tips in this review, it’s no doubt that you will land on the best massage chair. Of course, you need to settle for the chair that best fits you. For sure, the chair is an important asset regarding health and body soothing.

Benefits of a Chair Massage

Massage chairs have a miraculous effect on muscle and joint pains. Since the 80s, the chairs are a must-have for people who desire to live a relaxed life. Although the actual human massage is more efficient than most electronic devices, some can be startling. For instance, with the advanced technology, an electronic massage chair can do better than a combination of ten therapists. These seats have ergonomic designs that are successful in replacing a professional therapist.

Well, it is a widespread misconception that massage robots are a luxurious preserve for the rich. But, the truth is that everyone needs one. You see, this chair has more than just the luxury tag on it. In fact, it has multiple benefits that provide a great value for the money. If you suffer stress, digestive issues, or muscle tensions, these chairs come in handy. Here are some of the benefits you get from using the best rated massage chair reviews.

Treat sore muscles

Seldom does a bone ache, unless it has a serious injury. In most cases, strained muscles that do, and it can be intense enough to bring discomfort. Most people who complain about joint or bone pains are victims of sore muscles. With a good massage robot, though, it is possible to kick out the pain. If you are an athlete or someone who is full of zip in physical activities, this chair is crucial. With the best massage chair for home use, athletes have a solace to run to when their muscles are aching.

Again, professional sportspeople and other athletes need a regular massage to keep them flexible. But, instead of the typical personal therapist, the machine offers you the services at your request. This saves you the cash, too. Apart from the privacy, the chair also makes injured ligaments heal fast.

Improving blood circulation

Appropriate massaging improves circulation a great deal. When massaged, body tissues allow blood vessels to get back to shape. Also, good massage returns twisted veins back to normal, thus improving the flow of blood to vital tissues. In simple terms, a professional massage provides enough space to these veins and arteries. Thus, they can flow in and out of the tissues with ease. The result is an incredible health record.

Further, good blood circulation reduces the risk of hypertension or heart diseases. Also, it boosts recovery of people who suffer from freezing feet or swelling of the lower part of the body. The massage has positive effects on the lymphatic system. And, when your body fluids flow in the right way, your health improves impressively.

Cutting on Stress and anxiety

Stress is the number one killer in the world. So, above all other grim rippers- including car crashes and HIV- you should be most freaked out by stress. The massage chair is a permanent solution to stress and anxiety. The professional massage will take away all the tensions from your muscles. Also, it will beat the stress by giving you a moment of pleasure and healing. After a long day of work, get your stress scoured off by the massage robot.

Facilitate posture

Posture depends on the arrangement of the muscles. If your muscles contract, the bones will respond and have an effect on the posture. So, if you want to be able to stand without bending, then you need to ensure your muscles are in the right condition. It is simple- use the top massage robot to relax the muscles. The chair massages your muscles and makes them capable of holding the bones in the right way. Again, with an intense deep massage, you can invigorate your vigor.

Anxiety reduction

A good professional massage triggers the production of endorphin, which has an acute effect on reducing stress. Endorphin is a sedative chemical produced when muscles contract and relax. The massage chair reviews that it helps your body to produce this anti-anxiety hormone. 

Weight loss

If you want an interesting way to manage your body fat, the massage robot should be top of your list. A good massage increases circulation and fluid movement. Likewise, this boosts muscle movement and body activity to burn up unnecessary calories.

Relieves Pain

When the body produces endorphins, it fights pain. Endorphin is a ‘feel good’ hormone that does not tolerate pain. So, if your back is aching, it is time to get a good massage using the chair.

Thanks to technology, the massage chair is as effective as a professional therapist. If you wonder why you should save a few dollars for a massage robot, then remember the benefits that come with it. Unlike the human therapist, the massage chair reviews only asks you for the purchase capital. From there, it gets you relaxed every time you need to!

How the Massage Chair Works

A massage chair mimics the way a human expert does. A professional therapist exerts pressure on specific areas of the body as part of the massage process. He or she uses lubricants and warm towels to do this. Likewise, a massage robot incorporates all these activities to give you one of the best experiences. In brief, the robot rubs, shakes and squeezes you. Here are ways in which the massage chair relaxation works.

  • What is a chair massage

Briefly, this electronic device takes a chair’s design and mimics a massage therapist. It works to help you relax.

  • Vibration Massaging

Most low-end chairs work by vibrating specific parts of your body. They have a wearable gear or rotating wheels. Then, a motor in the device rotates to produce the vibration waves. To make the vibrations efficient, there are multiple motors in the chair.

  • Airbags

For a piece of metal or hard synthetic material to mimic a human’s soft palm, it takes an airbag. The airbag squeezes your joints for effective massaging. In most cases, high-quality massage chairs have several airbags. An air pump inflates the bag and readies it for the massage. They also massage large muscles such as those at the back and thighs. In fact, airbags are popular among most professional therapists.

  • Rollers

For finer massage, high-end massage chairs have rollers, which move up and down the target part. In advanced models, the rollers can move in circular motion to provide a ‘3D massage’. This way, the chair offers a massage similar to what a human hand would do. Again, by controlling how far the rollers can go, you can adjust the intensity of the massage.

  • Massage Chair Recliners

Some high-end massage chairs have a more elaborate design to improve your posture. The recliner is a feature that is capable of placing you in a zero gravity position. This way, the robot can undertake deeper massage techniques to help you relax. Depending on the chair’s model, you can use either the handle or the button to attain the zero gravity position.

Wrapping up …

In brief, the key to a free life is to be happy and healthy. If you want to accomplish this kind of freedom, you need to know how to fight stress and fatigue. After a long day at work, find an amazing way to relax. In the past, professionals had the preserved privilege of carrying out therapies. Today, technology has turned things upside down. As one of the best massage chair reviews on the web, this article should guide you get all you need to know about these robots. If you missed a point in the review, you could find it in our tutorials on this site.

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