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How to Choose the Perfect Zero Turn Lawn Mower

With a zero turn lawn mower, you get more benefits than in ordinary cutters. Especially, comparing a riding mower to a pushing lawnmower is like putting a Ferrari and a Jeep on the same contest. It is evident that the former will always win. The riding mower is swifter, more ergonomic and wider. Also, they are even more entertaining because they are fun to ride.

You see, pushing a lawnmower for four continuous hours is not only boring but also strenuous. But, the riding mower is much fun, and it relieves your stress as you get the grass down to a desirable height. Some riding mowers are less movable than the new zero turn mowers. That’s why a zero turn lawn mower is worthy. With a turning radius of zero, this new mower can navigate sharp corners without missing an inch of the yard.

Today, the market has several types of zero-turn lawnmowers. It is a battle of features and capabilities, so you should know how to place the best odds in the bet. This review covers some of the best zero turn mower brands on the market. Read on to find out more!

Traditional Ride-on Mowers vs. Zero Turn Mowers

Traditional riding mowers were good, but their glory is no more. Today, the zero turn mower has taken over with a storm. It’s objective to appreciate that traditional ride-on mowers are worthwhile for large tracts of lawns. Especially, the tractor is useful when mowing in hundreds of acres, a golf course maybe. But ordinary mowers have several downsides. For instance, the massive engine in their rear is plausible for horsepower, but it also makes it dangerous to mow hilly places. Again, traditional mowers are not capable of handling obstacles. For this reason, they leave a trail of glass around rocks or trees.

What is different about a Zero Turn Mower

Zero turn lawnmowers have several benefits as compared to ordinary mowers. In fact, of all the ride on mowers, the zero turn brands are the most effective. Below are some of the reasons you should consider having one for your yard.

Zero Degrees Radius

As a zero turn mower, there is a zero-degrees turning radius. This means the machine can pivot and spin at 180 degrees. In advance, this feature makes the mower worthy for cutting around obstacles. Also, it is easy to see the tracks or lawns while carrying out the mowing.

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Front Mowing Cutting Deck

Unlike conventional lawnmowers, the zero turn mower has front cutting decks. This allows you to get close to obstacles. Most traditional mowers have underneath cutting deck, which makes it hard for them to leave grass around stones and trees. But the zero turn ride on mower’s front decks allows you to have a good view of the lawn and to get close to it.

Rear Wheel Design

Zero turn mowers have levers or lap bars for control, but a few varieties do have steering wheels too. The traditional ride-on mowers are dependent on wheels for control. Each lever controls an independent rear wheel motor. These levers also determine the forward and backward momentums. You can also use the levers to spin or curve sideways.

Eventually, these features add up to make a more maneuverable mower. The individual wheel motors and levers, as well as the front deck, play an important role in increasing your controlling experience. This also makes the zero turn mower quicker and more versatile than conventional lawnmowers. If you are thinking about purchasing a lawnmower for domestic or commercial use, then you should consider adding the zero turn mower to your cart!

How Does The Zero Turn Mower Work?

Noteworthy, the zero-turn mower has no steering wheel (although there are brands that do). Instead of the steering wheel, most zero turn mowers have a pair of levers. Also known as lap bars, the two levers move front and back. That’s what you see, but it’s just a tip of the iceberg.

The zero turn lawnmowers have two transmissions for each rear wheel. Each lap bar controls its independent rear wheel motor. Together, the levers adjust the velocity and direction in which the mower moves. The independent wheels at the back give the machine an ability to make extreme turns. Apparently, it also gives the device a name!

If you don’t like the levers, though, you can make use of the mowers that have steering wheels. Such models are worthwhile for anyone who is not fascinated by a pair of controlling levers.

What Are The Different Types Of Zero Turn Riding (ZTR) Lawn Mowers?

When ordering the best zero turn mower, most people only take what comes their way. But, there’s more to a more than just the name- there are many classifications of zero-turn riding lawnmowers. The taxonomy depends on a broad range of issues. For instance, lawn mowers have different sizes, the number of blades and performance. No matter which task drives you to purchase a lawn mower, you will have a perfect mower for it. Below are some classifications of the zero degrees turning lawn mowers.

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Does your suburb family need a mower for back and front lawns? If yes, then this is the perfect machine. While the entry-level lawn mower has all the features present in the ZTR lawn mowers, it is smaller and has fewer blades. But, this makes them even more ideal for suburban life. For instance, the little machine can penetrate smaller spaces. It is also simple enough for domestic enough. These combined features make it perfect for local families.


As the name suggests, mid-grade zero turn mowers are ideal for people who want more than just the entry level experience. With a higher horsepower and larger cutting deck, the midgrade mower covers a larger area faster than its entry-level counterpart. They are durable, too.

Although they are smaller than heavy-duty models, the mid-grade lawn mowers are ideal for smaller areas. With the midgrade lawn mower, you can adjust the height of mowing by foot. Other standard features of the midgrade zero turn mower include a more comfortable seat.

Midgrade ZTR riding lawn mowers come in a variety of powerful engines such as the Kawasaki, Kohler, and Stratton. Kawasaki is the most common (and powerful) of all the engines. In most stores, the price of midgrade zero turn riding mowers is about $3000.


The semi-pro zero turn riding mower is the most powerful residential grass cutter. Unlike the entry-level and midgrade mower, this riding lawnmower is more ergonomic and durable. Thus, it is a darling for many professionals. If you are looking for the perfect mower for large tracts of lawn, this is the best landscaper you would ever need.

With the semi-pro zero turn riding lawnmower, you can mow daily without experiencing hitches. The seats are comfortable, and the levers won’t bruise your hands. The zero-pro varieties also have a big gas tank, which can mow more than 5 acres before going low.

At about 10 miles per hour, semi pro’s velocity is higher than other varieties. Besides, the semi-pro models have more features such as an adjustable armrest, cup pouches, and larger ergonomic seats. The gauges are stronger to withstand heavy-duty transmissions. If you are looking forward to starting a home mowing firm, the semi-pro brands should be top of your mind. Despite the pompous features, the machine is quite affordable and goes for at least $4000. Of course, the features and prices may vary from a provider to another.

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If you are planning to mow large tracts of land, the commercial type of ZTR mowers is the sure bet. Most landscape experts use the commercial zero turn mower for large scale mowing such as for golf courses. It also means that you have a solution for mowing rugby and football pitches.

The commercial variety is a heavy-duty machine loaded with several features. For instance, the mower has a high speed and RPM that allows it to handle 4 acres in an hour’s time. Of course, it has a bigger gas tank and cutting deck. It has more or larger blades than the smaller varieties, and its engine is powerful. The commercial zero turn mower has all the features you would need, but bigger. Thus, it deserves $10,000 or more.

What is the warranty of the best zero turn mower?

Warranty is an important factor to consider when purchasing a machine. No doubt, the zero turn mowers are an expensive investment and some care is crucial. You see, machines that are not handmade can be faulty if not well examined. It is important for you to assess if the lawnmower is okay, but more important if you go for more years of warranty.

Of course, the warranty depends on the provider, but you will need to pick one with more than three years. Before you finally decide to add the mower to your cart, read the terms and conditions until you are sure. This will place you on the safe side in case of any mishap.

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