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Get The Right Foot Massage! Buying Guide On Foot Massagers

It is not clear where exactly massaging originated from, but it is vivid that most ancient civilizations used the art. Historical kingdoms like Japan, India, Rome, Egypt, and Greece are some of the places where massage was a common practice. The same case applies to China, and a significant number of massage styles actually come from the country by best foot massagers. Are you worried that I did not mention America? Well, elementary history has it that the US only became a major civilization less than four centuries ago.

In early empires, the practice was common among emperors, kings and wealthy people. If you have ever read about or visited the spa, then you understand what Cleopatra is. But did you know the name comes from the last great Egyptian Pharaoh?

At that time, most recipients loved massage for the fun. But the ancient therapists loved how quickly massage cured muscle fatigues and strains. It is not easy to rule out that most ancient medicine people also used this skill.

Today, therapy is common, especially in urban centers. Unlike in the past, it is no longer a preserve of the rich and famous. Instead, everyone needs therapy. People who live in major cities do not have enough space to exercise, but the massager tool steps in. There’s a brand for literally every type of people. For instance, the best foot massage for runners works for athletes. There are other brands for specific treatments such as diabetes. You can also get the best foot massagers for neuropathy. By the time you are done flipping through this review, you will have found a perfect massager for yourself!

Massage treatment definition, and the benefits

Massage therapy is the art of moving, rubbing, pressing or vibrating specific parts of the body to bring about relaxation. The therapist moves particular parts, such as joints or muscle areas, in pulses to help them relax. When a human therapist is offering the therapy, he or she uses fingers, hands or elbows. You should not be surprised if the expert uses legs, knees, and feet, too.

Instead of these gymnastics, the therapist can use an advanced massage equipment. The machine is automated, which makes it similar to a robot. Guiding you on the best treatment devices is what this review aims to do.

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Some jobs are so stressful and demanding that the workers require a weekly massage. But because the kind of world we live in is way too busy, we may not have the time to visit the spa. In fact, most people’s schedules do not have such an arrangement at all. If yours slates time for weekly pedicures and manicures, you must be a really exceptional person!

To fill in the gap, scientists have come up with the picture-perfect massage tool. Nowadays, you don’t even have to go to the spa- why waste your gas when the resort is right in your home? If you want to have a spa in your home, look out for the best massage chairs, or foot massage robots. These advanced tools are nifty and ergonomic. The machines let you watch TV, knit or read novels while they work on your muscles. But they also provide an escape from the exorbitant spa prices. Because the best foot massagers are right in your home, they are convenient, too.

Best Features to Look for when buying a Best Foot Massagers    

When you decide to order the best foot massager ever, you should be sure what you are looking for. You can find very many foot massager reviews, but they must show you how to choose the best tool. Although the internet has plenty of these reviews, you can always fight your way to finding the best foot massager machine for your condition. Well, it’s true that it’s harder to choose than to use a massaging equipment. That’s why you need to look out for the exact features of the tool before taking it home. Below are a few features that should top your checklist.


Well, when you hear about a manual massager, the first thing that clicks in the mind is a tool used for massage yourself. And, yes it is! Unlike other automated massaging machines, the manual requires your effort to roll over your feet. It has a set of rollers that cover your feet during the massaging process.


An electric foot massager produces vibrations that do the therapy. As you know by now, most therapeutic robots utilize vibration and oscillation to penetrate aching joints and sheaths of muscle. The rolling or oscillating ball on your feet makes the massage rhythmic and more efficient. The electric massager is more advanced and has several other features.


Shiatsu massaging techniques have a Japanese origin. With a kneading skill and rotating head, Shiatsu massaging tools relax the deepest parts of your muscles. Some of these types of massagers have heaters and vibrators for more efficiency.

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Infrared Heating function

A good massage is one that utilizes heat, vibration and pressure. Not all the foot massagers have these qualities. So, you need to check out if yours has an infrared source of heat. Infrared is important when massaging your foot and calf. But you need to find out how intense the heat is so that you do not end up burning yourself.

Cushion surface

For the foot massager to be ergonomic, it needs to have a soft cushioned surface. It is comfortable to lay your feet on a cushioned massager. The cushioning material can be in the form of foam or soft, malleable synthetic material. A soft foot therapy machine is more efficient than conventional units.


The rate at which the massaging takes place is another important point to consider when choosing an excellent tool. The massage speed is the number of oscillations or vibrations that the machine makes in a minute. Of course, you don’t need one that’s too high or too low. Instead, get one with a reasonable speed.

Control options

You need to find out if the machine you want to take home has regulation features at the dashboard. Of course, you do not want to overheat your feet or target a single part only. There are places you’d love tender vibrations and others you’d want some intense work done. All these require a natural speed control feature. Some massagers have a remote control, but others require you to enter the commands on their inbuilt dashboard.

What’s reflexology, and should I even care?

Reflexology is a way to cure illnesses without having to prescribe chemical medicine. Instead of drugs, reflexology stimulates the body to produce therapeutic agents. Noteworthy, the body is self-curative, which means it can rid itself of some maladies. If you get sick, the body produces antibodies to fight against the disease-causing pathogens.

Reflexology involves exerting pressure to selected parts of the feet or body. The therapist uses his or her fingers, thumb and other areas of the hand to press selected parts of the body. These selected parts are the reflex areas. When pressed, reflex areas affect other organs or body systems, hence the name reflex. For instance, if you dial certain parts of your feet, you could help make digestion quicker, or stimulate the eyes and ears.

In short, reflexology is a physical therapy that helps treat patients without prescribing medical or chemical remedies. It is similar to shiatsu foot massage but aims to treat of vital organs or organ systems.

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And yes- you have all reasons to care about reflexology. Because it has natural remedies, it benefits your body in that you don’t have to add toxins to the body. It also improves your immune system, and above all, it is efficient. While there are many advanced methods of treatment in the world, none is as side-effect-free as reflexology. If you have heart, diabetic or other chronic issues, maybe it’s time you look for a reflexologist.

Reflexology is an important practice in physiotherapy. The fact that foot massage is part of reflexology makes it even more relevant. So, the best foot massager machine should come in handy!

Can I use foot massagers? Or, are massaging machines safe for me?

A massage is good for anyone who wants it. But some health conditions may require some professional consultation. You see, foot massagers have vibration, heating, and pressure, which may not work for people with heart problems. If you are pregnant or have had surgery in the last few days, consult your physician before using the massager. Anyone who has diabetes or suffers from heart problems should also ask his or her doctor before using a massaging machine. In fact, this is the caution for all massaging equipment.

In brief, not all machines will work for you. Fortunately, whether the best shiatsu foot massager Amazon is safe for you depends on the device. There are distinct massagers for people with diabetes, or heart issues or pregnant women. In this review, you’ll find the best foot massager diabetes.

It is worth noting that you should not place your legs on the massager for too long. It’s not wise to have for more than two 15 minutes massage sessions. You will find this information on the user’s guide.

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