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The Best Zero Turn Mower Reviews For You

Green grass is one of the prettiest scenes you want to greet you every morning you open the window. It can be a nuisance, though, if it is not mowed the right way. If you want your yard to be the best in the hood, you need to get the best zero turn mower ever. Unlike the hand pushers or ordinary mowers, this machine lets you customize the depth of cut. Further, this mower will help you fight against unwanted grass creatures in a quick ergonomic way.

If you desire to cut your grass professionally and make your yard look like a golf course, this machine must be top of your mind. In brief, this review is comprehensive enough to get you a reason and a way to purchase the best zero turn lawn mower on the market.

What Is a Zero Turn Mower?

While mowing lawns is a tedious activity, robot mowers could be a prudent option for extreme weathers. But, a zero turn mower is even better. This type of mower does not have any turning radius. As a riding mower, it can move in any direction depending on the user’s preferences. With this mower, therefore, you can cut your grass from any direction.

While it is common in for-profit activities, this mower is also ideal for home use.  It has four wheels, with the front possessing the rotating ability. Instead of a wheel, it has two levers to control the speed and direction. The zero turn mower is quicker than the ordinary riding tractor and a broader mowing deck.


The Top 5 Best Zero Turn Mower 2018 Review

Swisher ZT2760B Best Zero Turn Mower over 5000

For over sixty years, Swisher provides a sophisticated design for it’s products. The Swisher best zero turn mower commercial are the best in the market for many reasons. If you are looking for a machine that can help you cut grass efficiently, you need to give this mower a shot. With this lawnmower, you can keep your lawns neat for years without having to replace the device. It is also very ergonomic. In fact, the seats and levers are so comfortable that you might love relieving stress by riding the mower after work. Anyway, the features below make this mower one of the best in the market.

Best Zero Turn Mower


Gas powered

First, this best commercial Mower runs on petrol, which means you don’t have to keep recharging like in the case of robot mowers. You see, while robot mowers can be a thrilling idea, the fact that they solely depend on electric batteries means they can’t work for long. But, as long as you have gas, you can mow whatever size of lawn with the Swisher ZT2760B lawnmower. Swisher 60” has an 8-gallon gas tank, which makes it free to mow more than two acres without stopping. If you need a machine that can save you money while offering top-notch services, try this mower.

Perfect dimensions

One of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing a good zero turn mower is its size. You see, mowing tight spaces require you to have a well-sized mower. Swisher’s size also makes it easy to store and ride. Swisher 60’s cutting deck is a 60-inch 11 gauge and welded steel. The full shipping weight is 910 pounds. In volume, the mower measures 32 by 65 by 76.5 inches. So, there’s no need for a bigger garage.

360 degrees turn

One of the most important reasons why landscapers prefer the best ztr mower to other types is due to its versatility. In fact, the popularity of the mower relies on the zero turn feature. When you get to the end of a lawn, you don’t have to leave a trail of untrimmed grass. Instead, you can make 360 degrees turn on the Swisher best commercial zero turn mower. Further, this makes the mower worthwhile for uneven terrains.

3 blades

The main reason why you need a mower is to cut grass. Thus, a high blade and cutting deck is outstanding. Unlike conventional lawnmowers that have a single deck and blade, the Swisher ZT2760B 60-inch 27 HP Zero Turn Riding Mower has three blades. With the three blades, you can cut faster and more efficiently. Also, the big 60-inch 11 gauge steel cutting deck makes mowing even easier.


If you are looking for a simple yet versatile best residential zero turn mower, then you should think about the Swisher ZT2760B 60-Inch 27 HP Zero Turn Riding Mower. The machine has a robust, active cutting deck, which makes it easy to cut the toughest types of lawn. It is fuel-friendly and does not require much regarding maintenance cost. Of course, adding it to your cart is a prudent decision.


  • Versatile
  • Affordable, less than $6000
  • 360 degrees turning
  • Powerful 27 Horsepower


  • Some accessories are not available

Poulan Pro 967331001 best deals on zero turn lawn mowers

Do you want to buy the best most affordable residential zero turn lawnmower? This comprehensive Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX Briggs review will help you out. Apart from its affordability, this lawn mower is versatile and durable. With a solidly built cutting deck, this riding mower can last for a decade without any glitch. Again, the machine has ergonomic handles and an operator’s seat, which makes it easy for you to make sophisticated maneuvers. The following features will get you fall in love with Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 24 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 54-Inch.

Best Zero Turn Mower reviews

No need for extra garage

Poulan Pro 54” is not a bulldozer, and so, you don’t need to build an additional garage for it. Its overall size is 78 x 61.5 x 35.5 inches. This means it can also fit in most sharp spaces during the lawn mowing process. In fact, if your yard has tight spaces between trees, this measurement is ideal. The zero turn mower weighs 754 pounds, which makes it a little heavy- but it’s not likely that you will be lifting it anyway. The cutting deck measures 54 inches, which makes it better in eating up weeds and mowing thick lawns.

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Fuel and HP

This best ztr mower runs on gas but requires a 12 V battery for ignition. The battery is included in the shipping package, and you can change it anytime it gets faulty. The gas tank has a volume of 3.5 gallons, which is lesser than most advanced varieties. But, the 3.5 gallons are enough to cover an acre or more. Running on gas makes the lawn mower worthwhile because it can work for a whole day, as long as you have enough fuel. Again, with a 24 horsepower V-Twin Pro engine, you can mow your lawns in minutes.

10-year warranty

Every time you want to purchase a machine, make sure you’ve read the warranty terms and service thoroughly. When you log on to Amazon, you can find a detailed downloadable PDF file indicating the terms of warranty for this ZTR mower. With this machine, you have a guaranteed 10-year warranty. This means you can use it for several days and still return it if it gets a glitch. Such assurance gives Poulan’s zero turn mower a thumb above the rest.

Durable 18” rear wheels

Rear wheels are critical in a zero turn lawnmower. Especially, these wheels are paramount when making a zero turn maneuver. So, they should be large enough to offer balance. You see, shouldering 700 pounds is not an easy thing. When the wheels are broad, they distribute the weight evenly to maintain the machine’s stability. The wheels need to be tough so that they can survive through different weather conditions or terrains.


  • Durable wheels
  • Powerful 24 horsepower engines
  • Perfect size
  • 10-year warranty
  • Ergonomic


Husqvarna RZ3016 Gas Powered Best Zero Turn Mower for the money

Zero Turn Mower reviews


For so long, Husqvarna has been a favorite for many landscape enthusiasts. The manufacturer is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. As expected, they have some of the best zero turn professional mowers on the market. Besides having an appropriate size, the Husqvarna lawnmower has sturdy wheels and cutting decks. It has a single blade, which is seamless for domestic use. It is ergonomic and allows you to work with ease. Further, this means you can have the best mows without hurting yourself. Below are some of the mower’s features.

Size and Weight

Size and weight are important features to consider before adding an item to your cart. Of course, you do not want a machine so big that it requires a separate garage. Instead, you’d go for lawnmowers that do not need too much special treatment. Again, it’s important to ensure that the lawn mower can fit in the sharp spaces between trees and hedges. At least, this ensures you mow your lawns accurately. The Husqvarna RZ3016 has a robust 30-inch stamped 13 gauge cutting deck. It weighs 499.99 pounds and measures 34 by 39.3 y 66.5 inches.

Gas and horsepower

The Husqvarna RZ3016 runs on gas, which makes it a better performer. With a 3-gallon gas tank, you can mow your lawns for hours without any glitch. It is not a Hummer H3, so, your fuel won’t be guzzled up. Again, the movable joints require little oil, which means you can save a lot regarding maintenance costs.

The Stratton Endurance engine is powerful, with a horsepower of 16 and a half. This means it is quick enough to cut turf grass. Then, the hydro gear system eases the movement around your lawns. The engine has minimal vibrations and less noise.


One of the reasons why professional landscapers prefer zero turn mowers is their ergonomic features. For instance, the levers and handles are designed to keep you safe from bruises. Husqvarna RZ3016 has a comfortable seat, which lets you operate the control panel with precision. Again, the Dual Hydro Gear EZT Drive System allows you to engage gears without strives.


The stability of a best ztr mower is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing the machine. You see, the land is not always even, and that means there are times when the machine is going to lean towards a side. The device’s distribution of weight will determine whether you’ll topple or continue mowing. The 500 pounds plus your weight is distributed to four wheels on a 66.6 by 39.5 by 34 inches space. This means that your weight is centrally located to avoid toppling. The front tires measure 11 *4 inches, while the rear is 18 by 6.5 inches.


If your lawns are small, and all you need is a machine to mow your front and back lawns, then you have all reasons to take this mower home. Apart from being very friendly to fuel, the mower is easy to manage. Besides, it is ergonomic and stable enough to allow trimming around obstacles. In short, the Husqvarna RZ3016 30-Inch 16.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas Powered Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower is a worthy buy.


  • It is stable
  • It is friendly in fuel consumption
  • The lawn mower is affordable
  • It is ideal for entry-level residential use


  • Not available for international shipping

Husqvarna 967324101 best residential zero turn

Best Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna is a famous brand as far as manufacturing quality zero turns is concerned. The company makes powerful engines and durable machines. If you get a Husqvarna lawnmower, you are assured of a long lasting performance and minimal maintenance costs. The Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin is one of the top midgrade best riding lawn mower on the market. Apart from the strong body, it has a powerful engine and high speed. Again, the machine has a friendly design, which makes it comfortable and fun to mow. This review has some of the most fantastic features of the Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin 724 cc Zero Turn Mower, 54″.

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Ergonomic design

A lawn mower needs to be user-friendly. The exterior design is the first image that a buyer gets, before deciding on purchasing the mower. The interior design is also important because it determines how workable and comfortable the machine is. If you are looking for the most user-friendly grass cutters, this best zero turn mower is worthwhile. It has an electric clutch that allows a smooth engagement of the blades. Further, the seats are comfortable enough to give you maximum concentration during mowing.


The dimensions and weight of a lawnmower have paramount importance in deciding on the best zero turn mower on the market. The size of a machine tells you whether it is plausible for mowing your lawns. Whenever you want to get the best lawn mower, make sure that it can fit through your hedges and the shallow area between trees. Good machines such as Husqvarna 967324101 have a perfect size. For instance, it measures 46*49.5*72.75 inches and weighs 780 pounds. It’s heavy, but it’s also a great worker for your lawns.

Gas and Horsepower

Gas-powered mowers are vigorous and durable because they don’t need battery recharging. With these mowers, you can trim your lawns for several hours in a day without having to recharge the battery. However, it has one 12 V battery to start the engine- just like your bike or car.

The Husqvarna 967324101 lawnmower has a powerful B&S 24hp V-Twin Endurance Engine. This engine has a powerful 24 horsepower, which makes it ideal for tough grass. Also, the horsepower is enough to mow an acre within a few minutes.


No one wants to purchase a machine that gets damaged after some days. Instead, you want the value for your money, probably one that can last for ten years. For engine durability, the machine has air filtration systems, chrome valves, and large cooling fan. Then, the chassis is made of sturdy steel, which makes it last long.


If you are looking for a mid-level residential loan mower, the Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin 724 cc Zero Turn Mower, 54″ is the best bet. It has all you’d need in a lawnmower, including ergonomic controls and durability. The horsepower is robust enough to cut the toughest lawns in a shorter time. The machine is cute and scares neither your pets nor your kids. Thus, with less than $4000, you can add this device to your cart.


  • Durable engine features
  • Cute design
  • Sharp blade
  • Slow on fuel consumption


  • Heavy

Husqvarna MZ61 27 Best Zero Turn Mower under 5000

Best Zero Turn Mower

Are you looking for the best semi-pro residential best zero turn mower? Well, you can find it in this review! Nothing relaxes the mind that seeing a home with neatly manicured lawns. The green carpet looks so serene that it tempts you to sleep on it. The same thing makes people admire the impressive mowed football pitches. If you’d want your home to have a cute lawn like that of a golf course, then you should consider having a good lawnmower. A zero turn mower lets you trim lawns with the finest precision possible. So, why go for the Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower, 61-Inch?


Anytime you make up your mind about buying a best zero turn mower; durability should be the first thing to hit your thoughts. If a machine is durable, then it is worth purchasing. Sustainability depends on many factors, such as the engine protection features and strength of the cutting decks. Now, the Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn has a 61-inch Fabricated Cutting Deck, which is strong enough to trim tight lawns. Again, the engine has dust and heat protection, which translates into longer life.

Compact size

A good zero turn mower has a large cutting deck and a smaller body. This allows it to mow faster, and penetrate sharper corners. Landscaping enthusiasts believe that the zero turn mower is the best tool for trimming the area around trees and obstacles. The compact size of the Husqvarna MZ61 also helps maintain the stability of the machine. Thus, you are unlikely to topple on a 76*75*42 inches platform. The 770 pounds plus operator’s weight is evenly distributed on the four wheels.

Powerful engine

A lawnmower is reliant on gas power. Petrol powers an engine that rotates the motors at the wheels. The motors act on the rear wheels, which are steered by a pair of levers. This brings about the seamless movement of the zero turn mower. A powerful engine reflects the speed and strength of the machine. The Husqvarna MZ61 has a powerful 27 HP Briggs and Stratton Endurance V-Twin engine. The 27 horsepower steers the three blade cutting systems which are large enough to trim the toughest lawns in a short time.

User friendly

Whenever you decide to order a zero turn ride on mower, make sure it is ergonomic. The machine’s design determines how comfortable you are going operate it. User-friendly lawnmowers have an intuitive control panel. With these machines, you do not have to keep looking for the brakes. The Husqvarna MZ61lawn mower has a pedal to lift the cutting deck when mowing uneven grounds. This increases stability as you do not have to keep digging into the ground. Then, it has a hydrostatic gear transmission to minimize the effort needed to control the mower.


If you are looking for a home or commercial best ztr mower, it’s high time you think about the Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower, 61-Inch. This machine is ergonomic and durable. Also, it has three cutting blades and a substantial horsepower which makes mowing a few minutes job. It is friendly to fuel and has minimal operation costs. Of course, that puts it on the list of the best residential zero turn champions!


  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful engine, 27 Horsepower
  • Features to harness durability
  • Stable for hilly grounds


  • Needs a separate collection system

Which is the Best Zero Turn Mower commercial 2018?

The market has hundreds of lawn mower brands. If you have large tracts of land, consider purchasing the best zero turns commercial mower. Of course, this best zero turn lawnmower review gives ideas for your checklist. Now, if you want the best commercial mower, you should go for the one with the highest number of ticks on the list. No doubt, a brand like the Swisher Response 66” has all the features you need in determining the best zero turn mower. After going through this video, you might agree with this assertion.

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Why are best zero turn mower in 2018 so expensive?

No need for flatter- best zero turn mower is quite expensive. In fact, some brands go for as much as $5000, the price of some Toyota car models! So, if you are looking forward to purchasing a best ZTR  mower, you better get your money right.

But with the kind of features and performance that the lawnmower has, the price is an understatement. First, these mowers have larger cutting decks and engines that are more powerful. These two features make the machine to cut quicker than conventional lawnmowers. Second, the zero turn lawnmowers have sophisticated systems that rotate the wheels and blades. All these mechanical components are expensive, and they add up to determine the cost of the mower. In fact, the cheapest goes for a deserved $2000.

The most economical ZTR could buy a `mowing tractor. The 0-turn mower has minor components or attachments as compared to a mowing tractor, but as far cutting grass is concerned, it is effective. The features of a ZTR give it a nod for optimum efficiency in mowing. And, just like the tractor, the mower allows attachments such as a collection system to take care of the grass after cutting. This makes it even more useful.

Best riding lawn mower Buying Guide

After the introduction about the best Zero Turn Mower 2018 on the market, you have made a decision to make a purchase. You have even gone ahead to do your research about the mowers. In your researching endeavors, you have discovered that there are several models of the zero turn riding mowers. You must have also found out that the quality of riding mowers varies depending on some factors. Of course, the best for other people may not be the best for you, so you must take time finding your fit. This guide will help you determine which lawn mower is the best for your moving.

Durability and comfort

It’s is a sure guess that you would not like to take home a device that breaks down after a week. The zero turn mowers make the hardest tasks, and so, it needs to be durable enough. If the machine is not strong enough, it might end up being damaged while mowing in rocky terrains.

Comfort comes in handy with a quality device. So, if you want to purchase a ride-on mower, make sure it is ergonomic and comfortable to use. For instance, to make nifty lawns, you need to be comfortable on the seat. Your body support is necessary for concentration especially if you want to create cute pedicured lawns. Apart from the seats, make sure that the armrest is comfortable.

Find out if it is a real best zero turn mower

Every high-quality machine has a counterfeit in place. So, make sure you verify what you are taking home. A near zero is not zero, and you need to check out that too. Zero turn mowers will navigate every corner, but the fakes just can’t. So, to avoid the disappointment, make sure you check that out.

$5000 is not an easy get, so you must make sure your device is original and fully functional. To do this, read more reviews from other customers. The product description is not enough, so you will need to know how other people rate the device.

How large is the mowing area?

The size of the mowing area is important in determining what kind of mower you will take home. If you only to mow a small yard, then there’s no need getting large mowers, unless you believe in acute precision. Likewise, if you are looking forward to mowing large tracts of land- the size of two outdoor handball pitches- then you must find one that can take the task. From the start, the designers of the zero turn mower had big yards in mind. That’s the reason they have large engines and spacious cutting decks. The thumb rule is to get a mower that is the right size for your yard.

Different Levers

While traditional lawnmowers have a steering wheel, the zero turn mower’s control depends on two levers. The pair can be a puzzle for beginners, but it is fun and more efficient after some time. Remember, these bars make the bet ZTR mower more versatile than the ordinary mowers. There are different levers on the market today, and you can pick the one that best fits you. For instance, you could choose the shape, color or design. Of course, you should make use of ergonomic designs so that you don’t end up having troubles with your machine.

What is the type of your terrain?

Most mowers on the market prefer a flat ground with grass that is easy to cut. But in reality, the grounds are craggy, filled with trees, sloped, and the grass becomes diamond-hard sometimes. When purchasing the mower, you need to have the kind of your terrain in mind. This way, you will know the horsepower and number of blades you need. If your yard is located along a slope, then you need to have shorter blades to avoid digging into the ground. For heavier grass, look for a mower with more than three blades, and more horsepower. If your yard has many trees, you may need a thinner lawnmower to avoid getting stuck.

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