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Best Whole House Generators-Home Generators Reviews

Best Whole House Generators-Home Generators reviews

A Best Whole House Generator is a great invention. This is a machine that will give you a backup supply of electric and power. If your power goes out, if the weather is bad and electric lines come down then you can rely on a home standby generator. They are also used for other purposes such as providing power to sites which aren’t within the area of power lines. Portable generators are used for camping and recreational purposes and whole house generators are used for both in the office and at home for an extra supply of power. They come in many sizes, models and all with different price tags on. Have a read below to find out all you need to know about whole house generators and home standby generators.

Why You Need A Whole House Generator

One of the main reasons that you might need a best whole house generator is the fact that you can still have power in even the worst cases. No one wants a fridge full of spoiled food, a flooded basement or to go cold in the freezing weather. In the case of major storms and the lights go out you are stuck unless you have a generator at hand. Home standby and whole house generators are powerful and will power your home for days on end. They also work great if a power supply is needed in an outbuilding or garage.

Many building companies also use home generators, home standby generators and best whole house generators because it provides them with the power they need for tools and machines. Many places don’t have power especially building sites. Another place that might use a whole house generator is a cottage or a villa in the middle of nowhere. Places like this don’t have a main supply of power to them hence the reason people use whole house generators and home standby generators.

Why Should You Get the Best Whole House Generator?

When you set off on the journey of buying a best whole house generator you need to make sure you get the right one. There are many things you need to consider and many factors which will either make your life easier or a lot harder. The first thing is fuel and efficiency, if you get an inexpensive older model then you could end up paying out a lot when it comes to fuel use. The newer and more expensive models are always a lot more economy efficient.

The second thing is reliability and durability. You want a top whole house generator that is reliable and durable when you need it the most and one that will give you a power supply for long lengths of time. The third thing you need to think about is power. Getting the most powerful home standby generator on the market is the right choice because every home will need as much power as possible to support all major appliances and electronics. Whole house generators with less power might not power all your appliances in the home.

How Do Home Standby Generators Work?

Home standby generators work in a clever way and are on standby to kick in when the power goes out. When the power stops in your home for any reason the whole house generator which has an automatic transfer switch, switches on and everything in your home will be then powered by the backup power supply - the home standby generator. They work on two types of fuel systems either natural gas or liquid propane. These home standby generators require regular maintenance to ensure they work safely and efficiently.

These types of best whole house generators are linked to the main circuit system in a building. When that supply automatically goes out the transfer switch transfers the power from the generator to the main supply. Once the main power comes back on the home standby generator stops working.

What You Need To Know When Buying a Whole House Generator

When you buy a best whole house generator there are a few things you need to understand before doing so. The first thing is the type of fuel in which your home standby generator will be powered from. Dual fuel home standby generators are also widely available but these are more expensive than single fuel generators. Natural gas offer long running times, it reduces the environmental impact, is inexpensive to use and is cost effective for single run engines. Liquid propane offers the same advantages but has to be stored on site somewhere which could be a danger and fire hazard. Dual fuel systems have engines which are known to be more reliable than the rest and offer variations on fuel use depending on personal specifications.

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When it comes to installing your best whole house generator consider the installation process. This is recommended to be done by a professional but you can easily do it yourself. You need to install an electric sub panel with a transfer switch beside your main electric panel. You then need to redirect any of the circuits from the pain panel to the sub panel. You then need to prepare a safe area for the generator, a concrete base is the safest. You then need to dig a trench and run a gas line from the whole house generator to the gas meter. You then need to pull the electric cable from the home standby generator to the house and make a connection between the generator and the gas. If you aren’t an electrician and have no previous experience in dealing with electrics then it is advised to hire help. If something is wired wrong then this could cause a fire and could be a danger to you and your home.

Wiring the system itself can be quite complicated and it all depends on the electrics and the circuits in your home. If you aren’t sure then call out an electrician or technician who can get the job done safely, efficiently and will save you money in the long run.

How Much Should You Invest on a Home Standby Generator?

When it comes to thinking about investing in a whole house generator you are probably set to a certain budget. When buying such an item it isn’t recommended to go for the cheaper ones. The lowest cost when it comes to purchasing and installing a generator is around $450. This is low but the average is around $3000 and will give you a reliable and durable home standby generator. At the most you can spend anywhere up to $8000 including wiring, installation and the main whole house generator. Aim to spend somewhere above $2000 and under $4000 because this means you are getting a good home standby generator which will get the job done.

There is no specific amount on what to spend. Prices vary and so does quality. Check out reviews before purchasing and shop around for the best price.

Which One Is The Best?

There are so many models on the market today that it can be really confusing when choosing. As well as making a list of all the important factors you need to think about where the home standby generator will be stored, what fuel you want to use and the power of the home standby generator. There is no ‘best’ generator but there is a generator out there which is best for you and your home. Talk to the experts to find out what would suit your needs. Ask around and visit various shops to get the best deal. You will also find out that the more you spend, the better it will be. Additionally look for a whole house generator that offers a lengthy warranty. Here are some of the top home standby generators for sale this year.

Kohler Single Phase Natural Gas/LPG Generator

This Kohler generator works out around just under $4000 but has been designed and made with needs, safety and efficiency in mind. This model is made with a heavy duty engine which is also commercial grade that will withstand any type of extreme windy, wet or cold weather.

Best Whole House Generator

Once this home standby generator is installed and set up in your home you can use it right away. When your power cuts out this home standby generator will kick in literally within ten seconds. It has enough power to restore power to any major appliances such as fridges, freezers and even air conditioners. Kohler take their customers into account and offer a five year guarantee with their product, a 2000 hour protection and all of this comes with a corrosion proof cover for your whole house generator. The cover means that the home standby generator isn’t a sore eye sitting in the shed but instead is stylish and compact looking. Kohler are also notable for their great customer service so you know you are in safe hands. This product also compiled with the health and safety standards from the appliances commission so you can have peace of mind when using this best whole house generator.

Kohler best whole house generator but coming in just under the four thousand mark when talking about money. This is smaller, less powerful but easy to install and offers similar features as the more powerful version. Running on double fuel this gives you the option to choose. As well as being fuel efficient you can be assured that you are getting a fine product because Kohler always step up to the mark.​

Briggs & Stratton Home Standby Generator

The Briggs and Stratton best whole house generator comes in various power modes, engine sizes and they have even designed a duel fuel generator. The 200 amp version can power up to two air conditioning units at once plus all other major appliances around the home. This whole house generator is quick to think and will kick in and supply your home with power within seconds of your main power cutting out. The one thing that makes this home standby generator so great is that is can be placed close to your home. It has been approved and meets all the NFPA standards. This convenient best whole house generator comes with a transfer switch which is weatherproof meaning it can be installed inside or outside the home. To make things even easier you get a four year full warranty on all parts when you make your purchase. The simple enclosure is made from rust-resistant, durable Galvanize steel which protects against chipping and abrasions.

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Best Whole House Generator

Although running at around four and a half thousand dollars this is a reliable home standby generator model. As well as being energy efficient this generator will last you a long length of time because of the high quality materials the engine is made from. You are really getting your money's worth. With the whole house generator power system 16 circuits can be powered from one generator. Overall you can rely on Briggs and Stratton to power your home when you are in need.

Kohler Air-Cooled Home Standby Generator

Coming back to Kohler generators this best whole house generator is another one listed as the best. Again this is another model which automatically starts up within a matter of minutes after the power goes out. The whole house generator offers amazing motor-starting power, fast 10-second response time and high power quality. Additionally its corrosion-proof enclosure protects against the harshest conditions.

Kohler designs their generations so they comply with even the most modern appliances meaning you can power everything and anything of this powerful home standby generator. One digital controls the transfer switch functions and the generator set. It has a built it digital voltage regulation which in effect protects sensitive electronics from any unstable power. The backlit LCD display is easy to read, displays time, date and diagnostic messages and it works quieter than others. This home standby generator is energy efficient and works simply on the dual fuel engine. Kohler have also thought about easy installation for their customers and the polymer base eliminates the need for a concrete base. The home standby generator comes with a cover box which has a locking lid so it is safe out of reach of wandering hands.

Although coming in at just over five thousand dollars this is a worthy investment which will power your home and your appliances when the power goes out. Powerful, reliable, durable and worthy against harsh weather this is the more expensive option from Kohler but one which you should consider if you use the best whole house generator on a more regular basis.

Smart Management Module (SMM)

If you are looking for something that is easy on your bank balance then this inexpensive option is something to consider. This smart design is made wire free which makes for easy installation and is an addition which you should hook up to your home standby generator to make for easy use. The whole idea of this smart module is that it cleverly monitors each selected circuit and works together with the transfer switch. This means you can get the most out of your generator. In total eight smart modules can be installed. This is just over one hundred dollars and won’t break the bank but will save you a lot of money in the long run. It will help make your whole house generator work correctly and send power to and where it is needed the most. In combination you can also buy the transfer switch and the home standby generator starter kit.

Generac Air Cooled Home Standby Generator

This amazing home standby generator model by Generac sits outside just like an air conditioning unit. It is compact and doesn’t take up too much space and can run on either liquid propane or natural gas. This is yet another top model which you can’t compare with. Priced at just under $5000 this generator uses a true power technology which offers users a powerful, safe and clean operation. It is also sensitive to electronics and modern appliances. Don’t forget that it also comes with a five year warranty.

The Generac model in question is also the world's largest home standby generator which is available to buy on the market. Not only does this whole house generator deliver all the features and functionality customers have come to expect from the market-leading brand of home standby generators, but with an MSRP that is the lowest cost per kilowatt of any air-cooled home standby generator. It provides whole house coverage for many homes.

It is also made for easy installation and comes with a 200 amp transfer switch, connection points which have been re-engineered and a mounting pad so you don’t have to worry about installing a concrete base. The generator also has an LCD lit display, color coded buttons and controllers which are multi lingual. You can also purchase the smart remote monitoring system so you can track your generator even when you aren’t at home.

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The one bonus feature which this generator offers is you can set it up to do weekly, monthly or bi-weekly tests. These are done automatically. Quickly and quietly and it assures the system is functioning properly. The test continues for only twelve minutes so you won’t hear or see a thing. As well as being able to operate on low gas pressure lines their customer service line is open 24/7. You can have peace of mind when it comes to using the Generac best whole house generator.

Generac Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

If you want something a little less expensive but want to go for the Generac make then check out this portable generator at under $1000. It is so easy to transport and carry around because it weighs only 50 pounds and will run up to eight hours on only a fuel tank full with 25%. This portable generator has also been tried and tested. It has also been found to be a lot quieter than other portable generators.

Best Whole House Generator

The control panel features a power dial which has three functions which is start, run and stop. It also has three different programs so you can be more efficient with the fuel. These are turbo, economy or standard. These programs will also affect the noise coming from the generator. There are easy to read and see indicators which will alert the user to when the best whole house generator is low on fuel. This also shows when it is overloading, needs oil or is overheating. The LED display shows the wattage the generator is working on. Don’t forget you can also combine this generator with another one with the parallel kit.

So, if you want something that is lightweight, easy to use and won’t break the bank but still offers a reliable performance and a durable product that will last you a long time then choose the Generac portable generator. You can also use this not only at home but when camping, on holiday and even for powering up the shed!

Kohler Air-Cooled Standby Generator

Coming back to the trusted brand of Kohler generators this powerful model comes with an automatic transfer switch and a whole bunch of unique features which makes this whole house generator top of the line. Just under five and a half thousand this is a generator which will power all your major appliances and even an air conditioning unit. It automatically starts up within a matter of seconds when the power goes out and works quietly in comparison to other generators.

As well as coming with a five year warranty you also get a cover which will help protect your generator from the outside elements such as wind, rain and harsh sun. This generator has been designed for even the most sophisticated appliances and electronics. It will make sure they are safe from harmonic distortion. The LCD is easy to read even in harsh sunlight and adjusts its setting automatically. From one simple digital controller the whole house generator and its functions can be controlled which is a major plus. From the control panel you can see the oil levels, any technical issues, the fuel use, the pressure, the engine temperature and any diagnostic messages concerning the generator.

Don’t forget this home generator is made for easy installation and comes with a hard base so need for a concrete one. It is made for the outside and comes with a locking hinged lid to make it child safe. Although quite a hefty price, this is a once in a lifetime investment that is worth it if your power goes out a lot.

Making The Final Choice

Whether you decide on a portable generator, a whole house generator or a standby generator you can be assured that the list above includes the Best Whole House Generator on the market today. Shop around, write a list of what your major appliances are going to be and ask the experts if you aren’t sure. At the end of the day, investing in a whole house generator is something important and worth spending a little more on because after all, you don’t want to be sitting in the dark, do you?

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