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Best Stihl Chainsaw For Cutting Firewood

The STIHL Company started 91 years ago to make chainsaw accessories and bars. Today the company has more than 500 employees spread across the world. The number of dealers is approximately 40, 000 entities. Named after its founder Andreas Stihl, the company began its operations in Germany (Bad Cannstaff). Stihl later moved the production to its current location at Waiblingen. Stihl has continued list of stihl chainsaws production of Best Stihl chainsaw and other accessories over many years. They are considered industry icons because of their pioneering role and outstanding craftsmanship. Many of their innovations have revolutionized the industry and made them the source of quality. The first masterpieces of Stihl include electronic ignition, automatic oiling, chain braking, and the first electronic fuel injection design for the hand-held power machines in the industry.

The products include gas-powered and electric chainsaws manufactured by Stihl ranges from lightweight chainsaws, homeowners chainsaws and professional chainsaws. With different types of chainsaws available in the market today, it’s imperative for buyers to consider the strength of the machine, price and intended usage. These features help the customer in getting a chainsaw that is appropriate for his work. There are many reasons why many people consider best stihl chainsaw ever made products as the best in the industry. Apart from many years of considerable service and production, the company’s increased innovation puts it on top of its competitors.

Types of STIHL Chainsaw Model

The Best Stihl chainsaw are classified in different categories. The main factor that differentiates these chainsaws is the engine used and the guide bar. The type of engine varies according to the intended usage. The three types of chainsaws available include gas chainsaws, Electric chainsaws, and battery-powered chainsaws.

Battery-Powered Saws

These saws work best for simple yard work. You can use them for trimming and pruning small branches and felling smaller trees. Battery powered chainsaws are light and thus function well even when on top of a tree. They are basic chainsaws that are more useful for basic casual chores.

Electric Chainsaws

Electric powered chainsaws are good for cutting small pieces of firewood, pruning and limb cutting. They serve best when doing yard work at home. You need to plug them into an electrical power source for them to function. This feature limits their portability which is disadvantageous when compared to both gas and battery-powered chainsaw. These best stihl chainsaw don’t require fuelling or gas mixing as they rely on electricity. They are however less powerful as compared t the gas powered chainsaws. One advantage is that it’s easier to maintain the electric chain saws unlike other types of engines.

Gas Chainsaws

These are the most common and powerful best wood cutting chainsaw. They are portable and thus usable in different places since they require fuel. However, the gas-powered chainsaws are heavier and louder in comparison to the other types of chainsaws. The Larger engines result in more power which is essential for heavy duty wood-sawing jobs such as cutting large firewood and felling large trees. If you need a chainsaw for harvest harvesting it’s advisable to get the gas powered saw. The portability feature makes it a great choice when going for lumbering away from home. The last thing you ever want is failing to do your job because of lack of electricity or a low battery.

Examples of best stihl chainsaw include STIHL MS 170, STIHL MS 250, STIHL MS 271, STIHL MS 170 C-BQ, STIHL MS 250 C-Q, STIHL MSA 160 C-BQ and STIHL MS 150 T C-E among others.

Why Stihl has Popularity

STIHL products are very popular because of many reasons. Many users prefer the best STIHL chainsaw both for domestic and professional proposes. These best all round stihl chainsaw boast of quality, efficiency, durability, and reliability. It’s also easy to maintain and safe to use the best Stihl saw if you follow instructions carefully. The list of stihl chainsaws come with a variety of advantages which make wood cutting more efficient for professional wood cutters. The various generations of STIHL machines provide great lugging power and quiet running. Here are the main reason why many people prefer the wood cutting saws by our stihl chainsaw reviews.

Power To Weight Ratio

These best stihl chainsaw perform well in every application. They come with a die cast magnesium engine housing combined with a stainless steel muffler which enables them to obtain a maximum power to weight ratio. The balance in weight and power contributes to the durability of the chainsaw.

Easy Maintenance

It’s easier to maintain STIHL chainsaws because of their special accessories and features. For instance, the filter lasts longer because of the durable air filter system.  It’s easier to clean the filters which are essential in the durability of the chainsaw. You can assemble and disassemble the filter easily without using specialized equipment. The filter cartridge has a quick-release lock which makes it easier for you to fix it within a short time.

Powerful And Economical To Use

Many lumbers prefer a cost effective method of wood sawing. Having a powerful chainsaw that cuts on the costs is everyone’s dream. Most of the STIHL innovations center towards performance and cost effectiveness. These machines offer good cutting performance and save fuel thereby enabling you to spend less and get more. Great saws that use the 2-Mix engines are environmentally friendly because they emit less pollution. It complies with the EU exhaust limits thereby reducing global warming.

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Easy to use

Most STIHL power chainsaws start smoothly and faster. one or two strokes are sufficient to get going. Factors such as simple chain tensioning and quick refueling explain the reason behind the popularity of these stihl chainsaw sizes. It’s easy to operate these machines from the start, there saving on the fuel costs.

Minimal Vibrations

It’s hard to use a machine with excess vibrations for long as it’s very tiresome. Fewer vibrations result in less fatigue. The new innovations by STIHL come with fewer vibrations there by enabling the user to saw or longer periods uninterrupted. The power chainsaws come with an anti-vibration system which absorbs all vibrations effectively. This enables you to control the chainsaws with ease.

Best stihl chainsaw For Homeowner


The stihl ms170 is best Stihl chainsaw for firewood that comes at a very pocket-friendly cost. It’s the perfect lightweight machine for those seeking value. The machine comes with many desirable features which make it dependable. Its enhanced features make it more outstanding as compared to its peers. It has a 30.1 cc motor that enables it to trim, prune and fell small trees.  It’s easy to assemble and disable this homeowner saw as it doesn’t require technical know-how. Unlike other sophisticated machines, it’s hassle-free to pick the stihl MS170 around as you work within the compound.  It is lightweight and compact thereby enhancing its portability.

best stihl chainsaw

Another important feature is the anti-vibration system that prevents your hand from getting tired. Excessive vibration causes fatigue and is also dangerous for your health. The anti-vibration feature makes it ideal for people who want to use it for longer periods. You can fit this chainsaw with either 12-, 14- or 16-inch guide bar for optimum functionality.  Having this chainsaw is important because even your wife or daughter can operate it. It weighs 9 pounds only! The chainsaw starts by pressing the trigger once. It saves you the trouble of messy gasoline, tripping over the power cord and the need to pump the oil into the bar after every two hours. The battery can work up to two hours when fully charged. You may buy stihl online by checkout stihl ms 170 price.


The STIHL MS171 forms part of the latest STIHL lightweight innovations that have low emission technology. The chainsaw is light and thus can be used by people of different ages perfectly. Operating this saw is easy and doesn’t require one to be a professional wood cutterr.  The reduced emission technology helps the users save money and fuel. It’s a cost-effective tool that enables you to complete your work at relatively lower cost.  Unlike the previous models,  the STIHL MS171 comes with the STIHL pre-separation air filter that extends the life of the filter five times more.

Best Stihl Chainsaw for cutting firewood

This feature ensures efficient use of the chainsaw over a long time. It’s easier to backpack the saw due to its light weight. You can use it for pruning and maintain the trees and hedges.  It’s important however to sharpen the chain and carry extra fuel because it small tank thus small carrying capacity. These features make it one of o   best Stihl chainsaw for cutting firewood This is a best stihl chainsaw when used well and for the right job. It is easy to maintain, light and reliable both for pros and amateurs. Also not difficult to buy as there is available stihl chainsaw dealers around you.

Best Stihl Chainsaw for farm use STIHL MS 250

This chainsaw has a great return on investment. It’s one of the best STIHL saw that combine both efficiency and economy to help you realize your tree-cutting goals.  The stihl ms250 has a great power-to-weight ratio which is important when creating the fire wood pile. Its efficiency enables you to split as many firewoods as you can within a short time and with very little consumption. This chainsaw absorbs the vibrations due to its anti-vibration feature, making the wood cutting less exhausting. It’s easy to start and works for long without the need for pulling off the chain to clean the wood chippings.

Best Stihl Chainsaw for cutting firewood

This feature permits you to concentrate on the cutting rather than cleaning and adjusting. Although other models sell cheaply, the MS 250 performs excellently and is worth the investment. This saw feels good in hands and has a 16” bar with STIHL RS chain which makes it the best home-owner’s saw on the market. Getting the MS 250 chain saw with a 45.4 cc engine, a chain and an 18” bar is an assurance of endurance, reliability, and power. This device cuts even tough woods like the oak or pecan hassle-free. It economizes on the fuel intake and works for long without changing or tightening the chain

Best Stihl Professional Chainsaw

Best Stihl Chainsaw for the money STIHL MS 261

best stihl chainsaw

This professional stihl chainsaw comes with an optimized power-to weight ratio making it a must-have for all professional wood cutters. It also boasts of great fuel consumption amidst other enhanced features. The chainsaw is environmentally viable due to its low emissions.  It features redesigned cylinders and a proper housing that delivers a great power to weight ratio. The machine wears a paltry 10.8 lbs. Professional who want large volume cutting find a better option in the STIHL MS261 chainsaw. It also has the anti-vibration features which enhances comfort and reduces fatigue.  Other features include the pre-separate air-filtration system that prevents the entry of debris into the filter during the usage.  It also features a redesigned spiked bumper for easier and comfortable handling.

This saw is more powerful as compared to its size. It always starts easily and doesn’t require technical know-how to operate.  The air filter makes the saw last for longer and enables it to cut through larger trees hassle-free. It’s easy to use and maintain this chainsaw. The MS 261 ranks top in terms of reliability and durability.

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Best Stihl Chainsaw Ever Made STIHL MS 180 ORIGINAL

best stihl chainsaw

The STIHL MS 180 chainsaw is both efficient and convenient to use. It has anti-vibration system that prevents fatigue and adverse effect on the blood vessels in the hands and arms. STIHL developed this best chainsaw with a system that dampens the oscillations from the engine thereby reducing vibrations when using the saw. I also feature a compensator that controls the carburetor and prevents the fuel from mixing with air. It also keeps the ratio of the fuel and air constant thereby eliminating the reason for cleaning the filter frequently. This chainsaw helps in cutting firewood and maintain your home. it’s easy to maintain the chainsaw because of side chain tensioner.

The 2 stroke engine is fuel efficient and supplies the saw with enough power that enables it to perform excellently. The combustion of fuel and the fresh crankcase creates a free air layer which reduces the amount of fuel lost drastically by up to 20%. The saw has a single lever master control where all functions are operated with a single layer. It also has an emetic chain lubrication system that lubricates the saw chain and guide bar rails. This functionality achieves maximum lubrication and less oil consumption by 50%. This reason explains why many people consider MS100 as the best Stihl chainsaw for cutting firewood


best stihl chainsaw

The Stihl MS 170 is popular because of its high power-to-weight ratio and affordable price. The chainsaw is compact enough to fit in your garage or shop. It serves best when used for felling small trees or trimming a hedge. The saw is light and allows for maneuverability during the usage. You can replace the 16-inch bar with the 12-inch bar depending on the job you want to do. The stihl ms170 has great individual cuts of between 3 t0 3.56 seconds. This implies that the STIHL chainsaw models cuts the logs at an impressive speed of an inch per second. Another advantage is that the chainsaw doesn’t flood during the cutting but goes smoothly without jerks or kickbacks. It comes with a 30.1 cc engine and a 16 inch guide bar. It’s more fuel efficient and has the lowest engine displacement.

This light saw gets a boost from the 2 stroke engine which also increases its power-to-weight ratio. This engine revolves twice in a single piston stroke a feature that reduces the amount of fuel required to power it. The lightweight plastic housing makes the saw more convenient and efficient. Its easy to maintain this saw due to  the availability of spares and accessories. The saw also has anti-vibration system that protects the user from fatigue. The handle is wrapped with rubber to add comfort during the sawing. It also has shock absorbing coils that cover the areas that shake most when in use. Find your stihl ms170 price in online.

STIHL MS 150 T C – E

best stihl chainsaw

This is one of the STIHL professional chainsaws that comes with enhanced STIHL features.  It’s a viable option for professional wood cutters dealing in bulk projects. This chainsaw is durable and portable thereby convenient for wood cutters who move from place to place. This device has an easy-to start technology that enhances start by one touch. It is lightweight and weighs 5.7 pounds only.  The MS 150 TC-E has a top handle design that is easy to maneuver.  This reduces the chances of fatigue on the part of the operator as is the case with other heavy saws.

The saw is fuel-efficient due to its reduced emission technology. This feature also makes it more efficient as compared to the 2-stroke engine saws. You experience fewer fill ups and uninterrupted service during the sawing process. With the saw, you can climb high on a tree for pruning or move further into a dense forest without the fear of fatigue. It’s lightweight and one can use one hand to cut small branches on top of a tree. Its narrow tip is essential for thinning out trees such as the crape myrtle.

Best Lightweight Stihl

The MSE 170 C-BQ is an electric saw with a great cutting performance. It combines power, advanced cutting technology, and durability which qualifies it as the best Stihl chainsaw ever made. This power saw saves you the fuel and engine maintenance costs as experienced with the gas-powered chainsaws. Using this saw protects you from the dangerous exhaust fumes. it serves well for domestic tasks such as cutting trees and splitting logs in the yard. It is lightweight and has a power head weighing less than 8.5 pounds.

It comes with a wide trigger switch for a one touch start. it’s easy to maintain as it features a quick chain adjuster that doesn’t require the use of tools.  It’s easy to fill the chain oil because of the tool-less oil tank cap. The MSE 170 C-BQ has a coast down feature that stops the rotating chain quickly when you release the trigger. This machine has a soft handle for superior grip and comfort. The ten-meter cable is long enough to allow you to move freely in the yard or compound without any hindrance. This is the best small stihl chainsaw for domestic use.

Stihl Chainsaw for Toy Replica

The STIHL replica kid’s chainsaw gives your child a firsthand experience as a professional woodcutter. It has special features that attract kids and occupies them as you do other chores. The replica is battery operated and is very popular due to its enhanced features. Although the replica toy is meant for kids, most adults find it enjoyable for use. It’s easy to operate as it only requires you to switch it on and pulling the starter cord and the chain. These toys are realistic and have rotating blades and noise just like the real machines. You can adjust the noise and vibration if your kid is nervous.

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The STIHL replica kids chainsaw comes with a repair kit, bar cover, spare chain and spanner. It has a unique design that entertains all people regardless of the age. This product guide will help you buy the best Stihl nsaw that matches your needs and financial ability.

Husqvarna vs Stihl chainsaw-Which Is Better?

Both STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaws perform excellently when used for the right job and in the right manner. It’s hard to contrast these two because most people prefer them equally. It’s hard to distinguish the best amongst the two because they offer quality services almost at the same level. The two companies provide customers with leading chainsaws meant for big and small jobs. It’s advisable to buy the Best Stihl chainsaw that rhymes with your needs and budget.

STIHL Chain Saw

The best STIHL saw boast of excellence in terms of reliability. Their creative innovations and the pioneering advantage helped them evolve as market champions. They developed the first fuel injection system for a chainsaw that is handheld. The offer gas, electric and battery operated chainsaws that come with many advantages. It’s easier to buy the best overall stihl chainsaw because of their coding which helps buyers select products as per their preferences. For example;

C- Stands for a comfort feature

B – Means the chainsaw is equipped with easy chain adjuster

E- Offers easy starting

Q – The chainsaw has a safety chain breaking feature.

STIHL’s Electric chainsaw are highly versatile and effective tools. They are lightweight and have enhanced features such as electronic ignition. These chainsaws are easy to operate and maintain. It is environmentally friendly given that it doesn’t emit fumes.

Battery powered STIHL chainsaws provide a viable option for travel operators. It’s perfectly sized for use on a job site or a forest. The only limitation is its dependence on the battery power life. You might be forced to replace o recharge the battery midway your job.

The gas chainsaws aren’t restricted to power or batteries as with the other two models. This chainsaw is handheld and provides an opportunity for working on bigger projects. It’s the best device for lumbers that cut large trees. The only disadvantage is the emission of dangerous fumes in the atmosphere.

Husqarvana Chainsaw

Husqvarna started its operations in 1689 and have evolved with time to become the pioneers in handheld landscaping tools. These saws come with a built-in smart design among other features. One notable feature is the air injection system which aids in the removal of the sawdust before passing through the air filter. Husqvarna chainsaws require you to replace the filter less often. You can extend their performance easily by adjusting the chain tension. Making this adjustment is hassle free and doesn’t require any special tool. There are three types of Husqvarna chainsaws namely, casual chainsaws, landowner chainsaws and electric chainsaws.

Comparison between Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaws


Stihl has a fuel injection system that is convenient for handheld chainsaw operation. Husqvarna uses an air induction system to prevent the intake of the saw dust and elongate the durability of the air filter.

Stihl also comes with a chain and bar oiler which lubricates the parts of the chain saw automatically for enhanced performance. The husqvarna uses the X-Torque technology that helps to lower the fuel usage.


Has anti-vibration feature which makes it ideal for delicate cutting or tight maneuvering adjustments. The Husqvarna has LowVib features that are designed to reduce operator fatigue.


Best all round stihl chainsaw offers three options including gas, electric or battery powered engines. Husqvarna provides a wide array of gas powered selections with very few electric options. It comes with a three piece crank shaft for the extension of the service life. Safety

Ha s a Quick Stop technology that enables you to stop the chain during a kickback or when used in the wrong way. Husqvarna has a kickback guard that stops the chainsaw completely during a kickback or improper use.

Stihl’s chain catcher secures the chain firmly if it breaks unexpectedly.  The Husqvarna’s chain catcher keeps the contact away from the user in case the chain breaks suddenly.

You must activate the master control lever for the Stihl chainsaw to function properly. The throttle lock on the Husqvarna chainsaws requires the engagement of the button for the chainsaw to function.

The best all round stihl chainsaw comes with textured grips that enable the operator hold firmly while cutting. The Husqvarna has secure grip features that enable the operator to hold the firm when cutting. It also has an emergency button which is easy to access.


Best overall stihl chainsaws have an easy to start technology that reduces the energy used and enables effortless start. The Husqvarna offers quick starting features which accelerate the starting.


Most STHL models have weights ranging from 7 to 12 pounds in the absence of the cutting equipment. Husqvarana weighs from 10 13 excluding the equipment for cutting.

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