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Selfie Drone is a Flying Camera Drone ‘goes beyond a selfie stick’

If you are thinking of a better way to take professional selfies, then all you need in your arsenal is the best selfie drone. Selfie drone gives you elevated angles of shooting and captures a wide area unlike selfie sticks. They serve as the best way of having group photos. Here is a detailed review on the top camera drones available in the market.

Here are we features best airselfie drone that satisfy your thirst

Beone Foldable Pocket Selfie Quadcopter Drone JJRC WIFI

If you are looking for a selfie drone that is of an ideal size, then you should consider this foldable mini selfie drone. You don’t need to over stretch your arms again for a snap. This drone flies around taking numerous selfie videos without extra controller. Its WiFi control therefore you can capture snaps easy and faster.

Led light

For wonderful night shots, this quad copter will get the job done. It has a led light that enables you recognize the flight direction even on a dark night for shiny and safe pics. Therefore, giving you the privilege of capturing all the events proceedings even when its late at night.

Control system

If you have WIFI connection near, you are good to go. This selfie drone does not have to connect directly to your Smartphone like the selfie sticks.  Once the drone is on the air, all you have to do is to ensure you point it to the right direction using your phone while it gets the job done. It captures as many videos as possible. It’s a one –key return headless drone.

best selfie drone


The image quality you get from this fold able mini selfie drone is top-notch. The 3D rolls and flips gives you the power to be in control. 360 degree roll ensures you get perfect and quality rolls as you like. The headless design also gives you a bonus in control since you dot really need to fly the drone in a particular direction.


3D Rolls & Flips

Easy control system using WIFI connection

Clear and quality selfies


Foldable balm size

Protective outdoor case

Durable design

Pocket Selfie Drone Quad copter, JJRC H37 Elfie

This Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter from JJRC is actually one of the best drone for selfies you can ever find in the market. It has what it takes to turn your selfie addictions into profession. Think of the speed variation while indifferent places as well as the heights and rotations. When hosting a party and you have a good number of friends, you don’t need to hire someone for photography and videos, your drone can get the job done in a professional way. Enjoy the headless rotations, speed variation and many more setting with just a single touch.

Easy to carry

This selfie pocket drone is easy to carry. It has a foldable body, which makes it small size when you are on the move.  Therefore you don’t really need to be worried about how you will be transporting it from one place to the other for a continued fun experience. When folded it fits right in the pocket and its light weight therefore you will not feel as if you have an extra baggage on you even when hiking with friends.

Flying mode

Depending on where you are, you can fly this drone, in three different speed variations low, medium and high speed. When in a fixed room, you can get your selfies and videos at a low fly mode and when in the field use the high speed fly. It can fly up to a distance of 40M and capture as many pictures and short videos as possible. The high speed gives it stability while hovering around and it also lands smoothly. In addition, the headless function makes rotating, ascending and descending easy without knowing the direction.

Mini selfie drone


This best selfie drone comes with a battery 3.7V 500mAh, this ensures you are covered throughout the day. You only charge for a period of about 120min and you are good to go. When fully charged, the battery serves you for a long period. Also, the fact that you fly your drone for a period of 8min, gives you the chance to ensure the set is ready for another fly without fail.


Comes with a bag case

Spare blades and user manual

Easy to carry—foldable mini selfie drone


8 minutes of flying time is smaller

Battery does not last long enough

EACHINE E50 WIFI FPV Quadcopter With Camera

Best selfie drone with adjustable cameras to ensure you have different shooting angles all the times. Getting your hands on this foldable mini selfie drone is the best thing you can ever do to your hobbies and selfie fantasies.  If you are new to the drone flying, you don’t have to be worried, this gadget comes with a manual to ensure you fly it safely and land it safe without damage. While on-air, the drone is stable and therefore allows you to enjoy the video and photo shoots comfortably.

3D rollover camera

Want professional shooting and clarity, then the 720p camera will ensure you get exactly that. The drone adjusts the camera while flying to capture different angles. You don’t have to face a particular direction since the drone is headless therefore, rolling is simple and fast. Once your drone is up, the snaps you get will be memorable and worth keeping.

Hold mode

The altitude hold mode is one of the most interesting feature of this gadget. Whether you are a beginner of you have flied other drones, the hold mode makes things possible and easy all times. The altitude hold mode makes flying it a breeze and stable for unique photos.

Selfie pocket drone


If you are a traveller and you love keeping memories of places you go, then this is the best selfie drone for you. It’s a mini selfie drone, you can easy place it in your pocket, and you are good to go. Its also lightweight therefore, you should not be worried if your travelling involves hiking.


Easy to use even for beginners

720p camera


Convenient and durable material


If you are not careful with flying controls, it may go out of range

ZEROTECH Dobby Pocket Selfie Drone FPV With 4K HD Camera

If you have never felt the difference between 3D and 4K HD cameras, probably you are not aware of what serves best. Zerotech pocket selfie drone is actually the best selfie drone present in the market. The drone camera itself, gives you the benefit of doubt. You don’t really need to have images of a low quality symbolizing you were present in a memorable even or place. Keep your memories in style and enjoy passing in onto the next generation.

Design and material

This pocket selfie drone is made of durable material to ensure that even when it crashes, you still have it for the next photo shot.  The material is lightweight and therefore, it cannot cause any accident in case it lands on someone or something. The design is top-notch. Everything is placed in together in a way that playing around with this gadget becomes interesting and memorable at all times.

One key control

You don’t need to have skills to get the drone on air. With your Wifi connection, and the drone app in your phone, you are good to give it a try. Flying is easy and possible to everyone. Once it’s up, all you need is to control it otherwise the drone get stable using the propels while out there.

best selfie drone


4K ultra camera give you the best shots ever. If you dream of becoming a professional photographer, it all starts with knowing you difference in lenses and what they can do. Images from this drone can be adjusted to any size and still maintain their resolution and clarity. Therefore, even when you fly your drone far high, you will still have quality images and videos than when using any other means of shooting.


Easy to use

4K HD ultra-quality

Worth the price

Headless control unit

Perfect face tracking


Works better on higher heights

Does not come with spare parts

JJRC H37 Altitude Hold w/ HD Camera WiFi

Another best selfie drone for your photography exposure and experience. If all you want is quality and clear images, the HD built-in camera will get you there. You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy the services of this mini selfie drone. Its control system is easy and friendly to people from all generations. Therefore, let the places you visit give you a new reason to visit back.

Control system

This foldable mini selfie drone has automatic control unit. Once it takes off, all you need is to tap on a button and the rest is sorted. As long as you are flying it at a certain height, it feels stable and takes numerous rotations up to 360 degrees. In addition, it has the altitude hold mode for stability and efficiency.

Portability and storage

The creativity behind the building is remarkable. It has foldable arms that allows storage to be easy and safe. When travelling, it feels safe while in your travelling bag thanks to the foldable arms and innovative design.

best selfie drone



It’s meant to fly and capture therefore, its designed using lightweight material that ensures suitable flying and stability while out there. Also, the design accommodates all types for flying within any heights. You can have it fly at a low range of height depending on what you are willing to capture and the number of people.


Easy to use

Built-in HD camera

Foldable arms for easy storage and transport


Slightly expensive

Best mini drone with camera ZEROTECH DOBBY Selfie

best selfie drone

Nothing rewards your interests better than when you have a high definition camera, dual satellite positioning and pocket size rechargeable drone. It has all the features you need to view life in a new angle. Long are gone the day you kept stretching your arms to get a snap. Give your selfie love a meaning and professional touch. Enjoy the 10s auto video shooting, target tracking, facial recognition and synchronized photos with just one touch from the best selfie drone around.


The camera is positioned with lot of creativity and innovation mind set to ensure you get what you want. With just one click, everything changes. Even if you are moving at a high speed, the camera will always recognize and capture your face during shooting. It also synchronizes photos and videos to your phone as you share them to others at the same time.


Once its connected to the wifi control in your phone and you have the right app, you are good to go. It allows you to monitor all the pictures right on your phone and control it using the phone swiping mechanism and does not require any skills whatsoever.

Pocket size

You don’t have to get a bag to transport it from one place to another, it is pocket size. Therefore, once you are set for a new destination, you still have the chance to capture the site with wonderful view at no extra cost. This foldable mini selfie drone is also lightweight for improved speed and stability.


Easy to use

Highly portable

High definition camera

Dual satellite

One touch share and synchronize function


Slightly expensive

Battery runs out faster than indicated

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