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Best Pest Control Repeller Safe for Humans and Pets

New York City authorities announced that they were trying to come up with better ways to fight rats. According to the ABC channel, the Mayor announced that the government would be spending $32 million on the best pest control repeller. The mayor said ‘We all refuse to believe that rats are part of our life.’

Rat infestation is a major problem in the United States. Someone may ask why we can’t just allow them to live. Well, rats are not only pests but also vectors to dangerous diseases. When rats are not eating your food, they are busy tearing your clothes and polluting your vegetables. A picture of an Arkansas newborn found with several mice bites went viral in 2015. No doubt, they need to be eliminated.

Rats, however, are not the only pests that should be chased from your home. Mosquitoes, bed bugs, lice, and flies too, need to be repelled.

Kicking rats and other pests out of your house is possible. The methods I am providing aim at minimizing their food sources or habitats. If you are planning to solve rodent or mosquito problems at home or in your office, the best pest control repeller review is all you need!

How the Electronic Pest Control Devices Work

The majority of Best electronic pest control repeller rely on ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic energy is a form of sound whose frequency is too high for humans to hear. Pests, on the other hand, hear and find it a nuisance to them. So, they try to run away from the vicinity. For that many of ask, does electronic pest control work, as activities are behind the eyes.

Ultrasound is a popular method of repelling pests. For instance, farmers use it to scare insects and other bugs that attack their crops. After placing the electric pest repeller in the garden, the high-frequency sounds scare the pests away.

A UPR produces about 20,000 Hz Ultra High Frequency (UHF) energy in the form of sound. Humans are immune to this frequency, so the disturbance is only for the bugs. When the pests hear these sounds, they panic, get confused and at times suffer convulsion. In severe cases, rodents may die or become insane.

So, they run away from the vicinity of the sound. Bats, rats, and insects are some of the pests affected by the UHF sounds. Because the electronic noise is continuous, the bugs ‘evacuate’ from their area of ‘residence.’

UPRs (UHF based repellers) are efficient in getting rid of unwanted creatures in farms, homes, and offices. The fact that the sound has no adverse effect on humans makes the machines worthwhile!

Some insects are stubborn, and they will look for a place where the UHF noise is minimal. Others stay a little longer or find their way back thinking that the sounds will stop. But the machine keeps producing the sound. The disturbed creatures look for a ‘more comfortable’ habitat. The sound can chase the pests up to 5000 feet (about 1.5 kilometers). But, home and office UPRs have a smaller range. Be sure to find the best ultrasonic pest repeller below!

But, do the Ultrasonic Pest Repellers actually work?

Well, every time you want to buy a best pest control repeller, the most important thing to consider is its efficiency. Electric gadgets, unlike chemical-based repellers, rely on a technology that does not require physical contact. So, do ultrasonic mouse repellers work really chase the pesky guests away?

In 2001, the FTC published a concern that UPR manufacturers were not truthful in their advertisements.

Due to the department’s harsh (for consumer’s benefit) requirements, companies started to explain how their products work. The Green Shield Pest Control is among the manufacturers that have websites to defend how their products actually work.

The FTC is ready to prosecute any company that tries to use false advertisement techniques. Few manufacturers would risk the litigation. So, the information that they offer in their websites and products is scientific.

Those who follow the instructions given therein confirm that the UHF best pest control repeller are useful. However, only users who have tested the bug deterrence machine can prove its efficiency. It is, therefore, right to state that the UPRs are efficient given a large number of positive reviews from real time users.

Repellers Vs. Chemical Baits

If you prefer the best ultrasonic pest repeller to poison baits, then you have chosen to ‘prevent’ as opposed to ‘hunt.’ Baits attract, while ultrasonic repel. But, you cannot attract and repel at the same time. In this case, when you should do away with attractants.

Preventing pests is better than hunting them – unless you want to keep them!

Chemical baits and traps are stubborn. You have to keep cleaning the baits and removing the captured organisms. If you don’t empty the trash, rodents may stink, and insects may fill the collection tray and make the machine inefficient.

On the other hand, insect control devices must scares the pests away. Thus, you do not have to change the traps or clean the baits. The creepy creatures just run away!

So, you have to choose one and do away with the other. If you decide to use the repeller, you should dispose of the bait or attractant. In simple terms, you cannot use both!

Best Ultrasonic Repeller Reviews: Buying Guide

Before investing in a pest control repeller device, you need to pay attention to a number of factors. No doubt, you should go for the best UHF sound emitter. But making up your mind is not always easy, In most cases, buyers get lost for choice as the question is arise “do ultrasonic pest repellers work”. If you want to find the perfect best ultrasound repeller, look out for the following features.


The first most important factor is the price. You definitely want a high-quality repellant at an affordable price. But, this is not always easy. The best ultrasonic repellers may be a little expensive. In this review, we have scoured the stores for the best ultrasonic pest repeller devices at the lowest prices.

Type of pest

When buying a best pest control repeller, you should have the pest in mind. As aforementioned, moths, rodents and mosquitoes perceive different frequencies of ultrasound. Thus, chasing moths and mosquitoes may require an ultrasound emitter that is distinct from that of rodents. The rule of the thumb is to heed the advice of the manufacturer. If your ultrasonic device is not capable, try the broad spectrum, or get another brand altogether.

Size and type of room

A bathroom pest repeller cannot be the same as the device you need for big halls. Big buildings need powerful UHF sound emitters. In some cases, you can use multiple devices.

If your room has soft materials such as carpets, furniture, and curtains, you also require powerful best pest control repeller. Soft matter absorbs sounds (including Ultrasounds), and this hinders the effectiveness of the devices. Rooms with hard surfaces reflect the waves- you don’t need multiple or powerful best pest control repeller in such cases.

Rooms that are likely to have a significant number of pests may also require a robust device. For instance, a UHF emitter for stores should be capable of producing stronger waves.


One of the most significant reasons you need to buy the best ultrasonic pest controller is safety. Make sure that the device does not end up disturbing your beloved pets. Remember, the same ultrasonic pest repeller work on rodents could distract your home hamsters and rabbits. Read the instructions carefully to know the appropriate targets.


You need to know what other users say about the product. The repeller should be able to drive the irritating bugs out of your house!

Easy to use

You do not need rocket science to control a pest repeller. Go for one that is ergonomic and easy to operate. The manufacturer’s guide is a critical guide that helps you understand how to handle the device.


No doubt, you do not want to buy a machine that you will dispose of the next moment. So, ensure that it can serve you for long.

Electricity or battery?

Another important feature is the source of power. Some rely on cells and others direct power. Well, the electricity-powered devices tend to be more powerful. The battery-powered UHF emitters are convenient and portable.

1. Best mouse repeller and rodents Victor M792 PestChaser

The Victor M792 Heavy Duty Sonic Pest chaser is one of the most efficient best pest control repeller on the market. This PestChaser creates a harsh environment for rodents eliminating them within a short time. Its features make it ideal for use in any part of your home.

It produces high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves that efficiently repulse rodents. These anti rodent sound are totally inaudible to human beings and any non-rodent pets. Thus, maintaining a peaceful environment for you, your folks and pets. They also cannot penetrate walls or furniture.

best pest control repeller

Image Credit: http://www.victorpest.com

Again, it has a red LED light that lets you know when the unit is functioning properly. This is most important because the sound waves are inaudible and it might be hard to tell whether it’s working or not.

Its power output is twice that of standard pest control units making it suitable for use even in large rooms. You can place it in your kitchen, garage or basement; it will work efficiently.

The varying intensities and frequencies of sound waves hinder the rodents from adapting to the Victor Sonic PestChaser. This makes it useful at all times. It minimizes rodent activity within 6 to 10 days.

The Victor M792 PestChaser also has a 6-foot cord. This allows you to place it at any location with ease.

Other features

  • Mice repeller inexpensive; has a service life of 5-7 years
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds
  • Things we liked about the Victor M792 Sonic PestChaser
  • It has inaudible anti mouse sound waves that are super efficient
  • The frequencies and intensities of the sound waves vary
  • It has a 6-foot cord
  • Victor has a long service life (even up to 7 years)
  • It reduces human contact with rodents making it safe and convenient
  • No adjustments are required when it’s in use

Things we didn’t like about the Victor M792 PestChaser

  • A single unit cannot be used for multiple rooms; since sounds do not penetrate walls

2. Best For Cockroaches: Bugzoff Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent

The BugzOff Pest Control Ultrasonic Repeller is an efficient and soundless repellent for not only cockroaches but other annoying insects like flies and fleas. It also repulses rodents. It makes use of electrical power to keep cockroaches away from your home.

This Repeller for Insects makes use of active electromagnetic technology that is harmless. This enables it to produce powerful ultrasonic waves that protect your home from roaches, mice, and other insects.

best ultrasonic pest repeller

Image Credit: http://bugzoff.net

The BugzOff Ultrasonic Repellent is also chemical and poison free. It is therefore safe and suitable to use at home since it does not put the lives of your children and pets at risk.

BugzOff best pest control repellerl has an extensive coverage; it is effective for up to 6,000 Sq. Ft.  It can cover your walls, cabinets and the small spaces within and around your home.

This cockroach deterrent electronic device is both noiseless and odorless. This makes it convenient because it does not cause any noise disruptions in your home especially if you love a quiet environment.

Again, this pest repellent possesses a night light. This inbuilt light is used at night; you don’t have to worry about what happens at night when you switch off your lights. All you have to do is keep it plugged in.

Other features

It weighs 5 ounces

It is black

Things we liked about the BugzOff Pest Control Ultrasonic Repeller for Insects

  • It is easy to use
  • Has a night light
  • Uses efficient and harmless technology
  • It is free of any chemicals hence convenient for using at home
  • Consumes minimal electricity
  • It has a wide coverage

Things we didn’t like about the BugzOff Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent

  • If the power fails, it requires reprogramming once it is back hence you must be available to do it
  • Curtains or objects can block the ultrasonic waves. Therefore, it is best used in open

3. Best electronic bug repeller for mice, ants, and bugs

The Home Sentinel is an advanced indoor pest and rodent Repeller that gets rid of all the mice, bugs and ants that might be present in your home. It has a sophisticated combination of features that allow it to be maximally effective when positioned in a suitable location.

It has electromagnetic frequency signals that target all the pests around your home. These signals particularly irritate rodents causing them to stay away. The vibration also agitates insects.

This best pest control repeller device automatically controls itself. During the day, it will automatically turn off until nighttime when it turns on. If you want to monitor the sensor, all you have to do is disable the automation.
best pest control repeller

It has ionic purification that releases electrically charged atoms into the environment within your home. This creates a storm-like atmosphere that confuses and frightens pests; forcing them to flee.

The Home Sentinel makes use of pet-friendly technology. The ultrasonic frequency can switch off to allow a favorable environment for your pets. Moreover, it is easy to manage the ionic repelling and electromagnetic technologies.

The ultrasonic sound waves are inaudible to human beings. Even though this is not the case for pets, and this creates an intolerable environment for them.

Other features

A controllable night light

Direct plug in

It has ultrasonic speakers

Things that we liked about the 5-in-1 Home Sentinel

  • The automatic control since you don’t have to monitor it all the time
  • The high -frequency sound waves it produces are inaudible to the human ear
  • It uses advanced technology that allows for total home protection from pests of all kinds
  • Has a night light that makes it a multi-purpose gadget
  • The electromagnetic frequency signals that effectively frighten away pests
  • Mice repeller use of pet-friendly technologies

Things that we didn’t like about the 5-in-1 Home Sentinel

  • The Home Sentinel is most useful when placed in open outlets

4. Best for ants, flies, spiders, and mosquitoes: Eco Defense Ultrasonic Repeller

The Eco Defense Ultrasonic Repeller is a pest repellent that uses active ultrasonic frequencies that are extremely upsetting to pests like spiders, mosquitoes, and other flying insects. It emits deep penetrative electromagnetic waves that cause electronic pulse signals preventing them from passing through your walls.

The Eco Defense pest repeller uses ultrasonic frequencies that are highly effective. These frequencies agitate pest and rodents consequently forcing them to vacate your home within a short time; as they seek a more peaceful environment.

It has no toxic chemicals. This makes it safe to use within your household.  Your life and that of your pets and children will not be exposed to any danger.

best pest control repeller

Image Credit: http://ecodefenseproducts.com/

It uses variable frequency waves that ensure that these annoying creatures do not grow immune to the repeller. This means that you can use it for a long time without dreading the day that it will become ineffective.

The Eco Defense Repeller also has powerful electromagnetic waves. They are powerful and highly penetrative preventing outdoor pests from invading your home and chasing away those that are already present.

This best pest control repeller device has a light blue light that enables you to know whether it is working or not after you have plugged it in. Place in a suitable location where it will not disturb your sleep during the night unless you love night lights.

Other features

Weighs 2.4 ounces

Things that we liked about the Eco Defense Ultrasonic Repeller

  • It has useful ultrasonic frequencies
  • It does not use any dangerous chemicals or poisons
  • Eco Defense has powerful electromagnetic waves that frighten away pests
  • It is easy to use; all you have to do is follow the given instructions
  • It makes use of less electricity
  • Eco Repeller has a night light (for those who love them)

Things that we did not like about the Eco Defense Ultrasonic Repeller

  • Multiple repellers have to be used for various rooms; one cannot be enough

Top Best Alternative Pest Control Repeller

Pests are creepy creatures and doing away with them can be a difficult task. This is mostly because you might not always know for sure which pest repellent will work best. Here are two best alternatives when you want to eliminate rodents, insects and other unwanted animals in your home.

Yard Sentinel Ultrasonic Repeller

The Yard Sentinel is one of the most popular best ultrasonic pest repeller on the market. It can be used anywhere hence it protects your entire property from pests.

This device is mobile and can be placed anywhere on your property. All you have to do is decide the most appropriate location.
best ultrasonic pest repeller

The Yard Sentinel is weather resistant. This means that it will always be effective regardless of your location’s weather condition.

It has a protection alert. The PIR motion detector allows it to not only detect pests but all other living organisms.

It can also cover a wide area of up to 5000 Sq. Ft.

Other Features

Has a long extension cord

Has an intelligent power source

It is dark green

Things we liked about the Yard Sentinel

  • It is mobile
  • It is weather resistant
  • Has a protection alert
  • Its extension cord is long
  • The intelligent power source

Things that we did not like about the Yard Sentinel

  • The fact that it detects all living organisms might repulse visitors

Pest Soldiers Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent

best ultrasonic pest repeller

Image Credit: https://pestsoldier.com

The Pest Soldier Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent is a safe and efficient gadget that repels the roaches, bugs, spiders and other pests in your household.

This device uses ultrasonic ant repellent sound technology that is safe and efficient. It also works 24/7 and does not interfere with any of your home appliances.

It has no dangerous chemicals or poisons. This means that using it will not bring any harm to your children or pets.

Other features

It is organic

Inaudible sound waves

Things we liked about the Pest Soldier

  • It has no toxins
  • It emits inaudible sound waves
  • Powerful ultrasonic frequencies

Things that we didn’t like about the Pest Soldier

  • It emits a faint blue light (for people who hate night lights)

How Many Repellers Do You Need In Your Home?

The number of devices you need depends on the size of your home as well as the type and population of pest. Noteworthy, different wavelengths and frequencies work for various creatures.

For instance, unlike humans who can only perceive less than 20,000 Hz, pests can hear up to 300,000 Hz. Grasshoppers can hear sounds ranging from 50,000 Hz to about 100,000 Hz. Then, moths hear ultrasounds of up to 240,000 Hz.

Thus, when looking for an best ultrasonic repeller, find one whose frequency matches with the type of pest you need to eradicate.

It is advisable to go for best pest control repeller that can create an unwelcoming environment for all forms of creepy creatures. Otherwise, you may need to find several repellants. Ours is the best pest control repeller review- you’ll find quality broad spectrum devices!

The number of floors is another factor worth considering when placing repellers in your home. In apartments, it’s advisable to use one per floor. You also need to have one for your basement.

You should also use the UPRs in places that rodents and other pests use to enter the house. These include kitchens and bathrooms- they need to be sealed with a repeller.

If you have granaries or storage places, you may require more than one repeller. The number of devices you need depends on the amount of product you have.

Noteworthy, porous products such as linen and food may absorb the ultrasound and thus hinder its range. Avoid placing the device on shelves filled with such commodities. If you must, then you should consider using several repellers in the room.

The majority of the annoying creatures get to your house through pipes and porous areas. So, these you should seal them with ultrasound emitters!

Benefits to Pest Control Repellent

Best Ultrasonic control repeller have several benefits. Here are some of them!


The ultrasound is cruel to the creatures. But, humans do not perceive the wavelength. Chemicals pose a danger to people and pets. When using chemicals, you must be careful. In America alone, there are more than 20 deaths resulting from the consumption of pesticides every year.

But, the ultrasonic repellers are only harsh on the bugs. They do not affect us (humans) because we don’t perceive high frequencies.

Easy to use

Using the ultrasonic repellant is easy. All you require to do is plug it into the electric socket. Then, turn it on, and it will start emitting the sounds. It is advisable that you read the user’s guide. Best pest control repeller helps you to avoid making mistakes. The guide also lets you know tips and the functionality of using the repellant.

Best Pest Control Repeller Tips

The overall effectiveness of an Ultrasound-based best pest control repeller depends on the kind of task. Like any other product, the repeller will be functional if you use it the right way. Here are tips to help you use the UPR in the right manner.

  • The pests do not respond immediately. Instead, they take a few weeks to clear from the vicinity.
  • Continue using other pest control techniques such as traps, and pesticides. Of course, do not use attractants.
  • The results may not be permanent. Some pests may soon adapt to the ‘noisy’ environment. In this case, the pests may still stick to your home even if you are using the UPR. Thus, you need to keep interchanging your pest deterrence methods.
  • Turn off the ultrasound device once the pests run away. The device aims to create an environment that is uncomfortable for them.

You see, the creatures, initially, have enough peace in the habitat. The ultrasonic waves disturb rats, bats, and insects, and; because they are not used to the environment, they vacate.

If a new family of the pesky bugs comes back, they will find the environment ‘noisy, ’ and they may stay there regardless of the situation. When you want to disrupt pests, you should only turn it on when the creatures are present!

  • If your ultrasonic repeller does not work, it is probably because you have too many soft furniture surfaces or curtains. A single UPR can serve a big room, as long as there are no soft materials.

Notable, soft materials absorb sound waves. Hard surfaces such as walls and furniture reflect it. So, the mouse repellent sound echoes on the hard surfaces and fills the whole room. If your home has soft surfaces, you may need to use multiple or more powerful ultrasonic repellants.

Best Pest Control Repeller: FAQS

•    What Pests Will They Work On?

The type of bugs that the repeller can work on largely depends on the model. The manufacturers have models for different pests.

Thus, you might find one that is broad spectrum, or another that works on a particular kind of bug. You see, the frequency needed to deter insects may not be the same as that required for rodents.

However, some of the pests that are effectively eradicated using the ultrasounds include the following.

  • Rodents: Bats, Rats, Mice, Squirrels
  • Birds
  • Insects: Ants, lice, fleas, spiders, cockroaches, grasshoppers,

Noteworthy, the best pest control repeller could also cause unwanted disturbance to home rodents such as rabbits and hamsters.

To ensure you are targeting the right pest, read the instructions that come with the product. If you want your pets to stay safe, you may also need to contact the manufacturer for details.

Are they safe to use?

Traditional pest repellers are popular regarding being efficient in keeping bugs away. But they do have a significant problem- safety!

The majority of chemical repellers (gels and liquid baits) pose risks to humans and pets. These repellants are fantastic in repelling the unwanted guests, but they can easily harm your children and home animals.

So, the safety of any insect control devices must remain top of your mind. Best ultrasonic repeller, unlike gels or liquid baits, do not contain any poisonous chemicals.

Instead, UHF-based repellers rely on electronic means. The electronic anti insect pest repellent device produce ultrasounds that no human can hear. In contrast, other creatures understand and perceive it to be a dangerous noise. Consequently, they run away.

When doing this, the best pest control repeller does not affect humans. The only probable dangerous thing in the machine is the batteries. But, because the batteries have adequate sealing, the risk is minimal. You can also use electricity to power the repeller.

High-frequency mouse repellent sound produced by these devices are inaudible to humans, and thus, they are safe. The emitters are also efficient and affordable. Moreover, they last longer than chemical based repellants.

Your turn! Pick the Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for your Pest Control issues Today!

Now, you have everything at your table! All you need is to reach out and choose the best pest control repeller for your home, office or hall. We provided a review list of the best electronic bug repeller on the market. When doing this, we found those that have the best ratings. We also considered those that we’ve proved to be functional. Besides, you will find those that can work well for your budget!

Anyway, ultra sound based repellents are cost-friendly, efficient and safe. They require minimal maintenance since you do not have to empty the trash tray. All you need is to ensure that the ultra sound emitting device has enough power.

Which is your best mouse repeller? If you have any issues or ideas about the best ultrasonic pest repeller reviews, let us know!

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