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Top 5 Best Foot Massager 2018 & Buying Guide

The modern life is too short to spend time at the gym, isn’t it? Well, daily work is so strenuous that it only allows people to sit down the whole day at the office or on the car seat. This causes strains to the muscles and ends up messing up posture and health of individuals. People go to saunas, but the services there are way too expensive and time-consuming. So, engineers have teamed up with physiologists to come up with the perfect tool to replace the spa! The tool is the best foot massager!

With a foot massager, you can combat foot pains, arthritis, and diabetes among other illnesses. It is an electronic alternative to human therapists. Good foot massage kits not only stand in for the human massagers, but they also save your cash. You see, most therapists charge exorbitantly, and only a few can afford. But once you buy the electronic foot massager, you don’t need to spend any more. Beyond reflexology, the massager also maintains your posture. It also helps you relax after a tiresome day.

In brief, a top foot massager is a machine designed for kneading your feet into a shoe like opening on the device. In most cases, this slot is ergonomic, and you don’t have to struggle. To start the therapy, you will need to enter your feet. However, some varieties have flat surface for lower foot massage. After you connect it to the electric circuit, it produces heat and movements that slowly massage your feet. In the end, the machine does the work just as a professional therapist would do. Below is the best foot spa massager review with all you need to know!

Benefits of using circulation massage therapies and foot massage machines

Circulation massage treatments are important practices. Well, the general benefit of therapy is that it helps relieve muscle fatigue or pain. But, it is also vital to appreciate that these massages can cure psychological conditions, too. So, if you are suffering from anxiety or depression, consider having a deep massage, and you can thank me later. No doubt, stressful jobs are not avoidable especially in these trying times when inflation is the talk of the day. With a massage machine at home, you can beat the downsides that come with such jobs.

While massages are relaxational, some even cross the boundaries and become sensual. Erotic massage improves libido, and so, it’s worthwhile for couples who want stir things up. In this review, though, I won’t be handling this- you obviously understand why!

Now, massaging the feet is quite similar to the other parts of the body. So, in this case, you apply targeted pressure to the foot area. The aim is to make the feet relax after a tiresome workout. Feet reflexologies are important for people who stand for long. If you are a professional driver- the pedals can also be boring- you need a massage. People who often do strenuous exercises or sports need a foot-massaging machine to help them relax. If you are football, basketball or tennis player, then you will also find this tool essential.

Again, circulation massage therapies come in handy for the diabetic and arthritic. You see, arthritis causes constant pains at the joints, and massaging these joints can be heavenly. A well-done massage is efficient in unblocking blood valves. So, with reflexology, you are sure to improve blood circulation and relieve tension. In fact, a good therapy can also help beat varicose veins.

In brief, below are some of the benefits of foot massaging.

  • Increased libido and better marriage life
  • Manage blood pressure
  • Improved circulation of blood to the lower abdomen and legs
  • Managing psychological issues such as stress and depression
  • It helps relieve migraines and regular headaches
  • It’s fun! Massaging increases the production of endorphin, a good-feeling hormone
  • For reflexology

Best affordable foot massager Review on the Internet Today

Flipping through Amazon or eBay for the best foot massager on the market can be a strenuous activity. It requires way too much time, and this can be demanding. Then, researching the whole World Wide Web for the features and reviews of each top leg-massaging machine can be worse. In fact, it could be more stressful than finding a native elephant in the Middle East- you have to dig deep! This is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 best home foot massager reviews. It is comprehensive enough, and trust me; you’ll have found a perfect therapy machine in a few minutes!

5. uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with heat

Are you looking for the best shiatsu foot massager on Amazon? Well, uComfy is a perfect choice! For many years, uComfy foot massagers have been on the frontline in helping people relax. uComfy therapy machines are cute and come with a comfortable step pad. They are ergonomic, powerful and efficient. You can change the intensity using the touchpad. With Shiatsu techniques, the massager has heating and vibrating elements for better therapy. Below are some of the features that place the uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat on this list.


It is important to put a tool’s dimensions into consideration before making an order. You see, it’d be absurd to try storing a machine that’s too bulky. Also, it is imprudent to have a massager that is too heavy. Of course, you want to have a portable massager- one you can take home or to your office. This uComfy Shiatsu therapy machine measures 17.7*15*18.1 inches. This means you can store it in the house. It weighs 12.3 pounds during shipping, and thus portable.

Shiatsu massaging techniques

Cleopatra is an ancient Egyptian technique, while Shiatsu is Japanese. The latter is popular in reflexology because it stimulates the body to bring about self-healing. Professional Shiatsu therapists apply pressure to specific parts of your feet, and this has many medical benefits. Apart from the inbuilt shiatsu-massager nodes, this therapy machine produces heat and pressure. Together, these elements work to offer you a curative soul buzzing massage.

Elegant and ergonomic

Elegance is one of the most important factors to consider when ordering for a home appliance. Everyone wants to take home a tool or equipment that will match well with the house décor. uComfy is one of the prettiest foot massager brands. Apart from the sleek look, uComfy B00DSICT1Y has soft cushioning for your comfort. It is also light and portable.

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Top and bottom foot massage

Some massage products on Amazon only do a single-side therapy. Most of them offer bottom foot massage, which means they are inefficient. When purchasing a foot massager, make sure that it is capable of massaging both your calf and foot. uComfy B00DSICT1Y is like a shoe. When you fit your feet in it, it starts massaging both the upper and lower parts of the feet. This way, the machine can do deep foot massage. Thus, the best foot bath massager acts just like a professional therapist.

Intuitive control panel

To change the settings, it is important for a massager to have a dashboard. The buttons should be visible, and the manual guide should be comprehensive and easy to understand. This way, you won’t get stuck along the way, or deal more heat when you actually mean less. uComfy B00DSICT1Y has an intuitive dashboard, which is easy to use, even by novices. Thus, you can regulate the speed, heat or vibration intensity without any difficulty.


When you think about getting the perfect foot massager, should consider uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with heat. The reasons are self-evident that it has an ergonomic and durable casing. The dashboard is easy to operate, and it has soft cushioning. Besides, it is portable with a compact size. Well, Amazon has hundreds of therapy machines the only best place for foot massage, but if you need one that is cost-friendly and high in quality, the uComfy B00DSICT1Y is worthwhile.





Shiatsu massage techniques

Kneading is easy to control



Some users complain that it only massages for less than ten minutes


4. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Switchable Heat

best foot massager

Do you want a massager that heals diabetic foot ulcers? If yes, then you should consider purchasing the Belmint B0143X748U therapy tool from Amazon the best place to get a foot massage. First, it is a shiatsu massager, which means it aims at several reflex points at the feet. The heat and pressure technique helps improve blood and fluid flow in the feet tissues. Through vibrations, even the deepest tissues and bones feel the effect. If you have had a dull day, therefore, the Belmint B0143X748U comes in handy. Anyway, below are some of the features that make Belmint Foot Massager a good buy.


Our buying guide states that the best foot bath massager has a convenient size. If you want a machine that can address minor foot massages, then you should go for the smaller sizes. But the best foot massager spa are the bigger varieties. You should also consider how heavy it is. The Belmint B0143X748U measures 17.7 by 18.1 by 15 inches, which means it can fit well in your office. Then, it weighs 12.3 to 15.4 pounds. With such a compact size, the massager machine is portable, and it can fit under your office table.

Sleek and User-friendly

When ordering for an appliance, you need to figure out how it is going to match your décor. This means that the color and style must be appealing. The Belmint B0143X748U foot massager is cute, and it comes in a wide range of colors. Apart from the elegance, this machine is ergonomic, and it will not hurt your feet. It has a soft cushioning, which makes it comfortable. It is also easy to clean because you can remove the cloth and return it after cleaning. If you are looking for comfortable massagers, this could just be the perfect tool.

Shiatsu massage

Reflexology and Shiatsu are physiotherapeutic remedies to many illnesses. In shiatsu, heat and targeted pressure on your feet and other body parts lead to quick natural healing. The Belmint B0143X748U is a Shiatsu massager, which means it has vibration, pressure nodes and heaters for convenient massaging. You can regulate the heat and pressure to perfect the massage. All these elements improve blood flow as well as relieve foot pains. So, if you are planning to purchase a machine to massage the foot pains away, think about Belmint.

Intuitive control

Another factor to consider when ordering a foot massager is the control dashboard. A tool with an ergonomic, easy to understand dashboard is worthwhile. You see, no one wants to make the wrong commands in a process that involves heat, vibration, and pressure. Belmint B0143X748U may not have the remote control features, but its buttons are easy and responsive. The dashboard allows you to regulate the speed, intensity and warmth of the massager. Thus, the machine is worthwhile for anyone who needs a massager that is easy to control.


The power cord is long enough, and it carries 110 to 120 volts. The machine has a power of 60 Hz, and if you need a converter, you can get it from Amazon the best place for foot massage. This way, you can use a 220/240 volt input outside the United States. With such kind of power, the machine can emit up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gentle soothing

You don’t always need a foot massager for treatment or anything else. Sometimes, all you want is to feel good. If you are a fan enthusiast, go for the Belmint B0143X748U. This machine can produce 3 levels of vibration intensity, pressure on two-foot areas and up to 8 minutes of heating. This, however, does not mean that you can’t have a deep massage. In fact, this massager works on your upper and lower parts of the feet. Unlike other brands, Belmint is gentle- it handles you ‘with care.’


Just as the name suggests, 4 Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Switchable Heat allows you to change the settings to suit your preference. It is easy to clean because all you have to do is remove and clean the inner lining. If you want a gentle, powerful and skillful foot massager, then you should have this machine in mind.









People with large feet may complain


3 Homedics Deep Shiatsu Best Foot Massage Machine

Homemedics is a popular brand in the manufacture of health machines. Their appliances have a reputation for being ergonomic, elegant and durable. Homedics B00DPMDWAA is not different. It does not vibrate, but instead, it has six rotation heads and eighteen massage pressure nodes. It is cute and comfortable to use. The control panel is intuitive, and this is just the perfect massage machine. To know why this machine is on the list of the best foot massagers, see the features below.


This Homedics massager measures 14.5 inches long, 13.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches high. At 5 pounds, this massager is portable and can fit under conventional office tables. At 4.5 inches tall, the machine lifts your feet just enough for a foot massage. Again, the portability is essential because you can take it from home to your office without needing any special assistance.

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Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu best foot massage machine’s techniques are critical to helping you stay relaxed and healthy. The shiatsu massage implies the use of heat and pressure, which are present in this massager. This machine is worthwhile when you need deep kneading. The 6 rotating heads and 18 pressure nodes work in unison to offer the best kneads possible.

Easy to use

When you want to purchase a machine, make sure you find out how ergonomic it is. A user-friendly massager needs to be comfortable. It also needs to have a soft platform to help your feet relax. At 5 to 6.6 pounds, the massager is portable, and you can carry it to any place. It is durable, and you do not have to worry about breaking it during transportation. The size is so compact that you can put it under the work desk.

Intuitive control panel

Every machine needs to have a human controlling it. Otherwise, robots might drive humans out of their planet! The best home foot massager have a straightforward panel, which lets you regulate temperature, pressure, and intensity. This is the perfect deal for touchpad enthusiasts. Instead of buttons, it has a touch screen where you tap to change the settings. In fact, you can use your toes to touch the pad.


If you are looking for a simple ergonomic yet effective massaging machine, think about having the Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager. Apart from the ergonomic design, the therapy machine is cute, and it has an intuitive dashboard. The Homedics foot massager also has shiatsu reflexology techniques, which are healing and relaxing effects. In short, this massaging machine is worth adding to your cart.


Easy dashboard

Shiatsu techniques


Toe-touch pad




Not suitable for the diabetic

It does not cover the calf- it only massages the lower part


2 Beurer FM60 Shiatsu Foot Massager

best foot massager


Germans have a global reputation in engineering, and Beurer brands prove why. With branches in the United States, Beurer has amazing products such as the FM 60 Shiatsu Massager. FM 60 is one of the finest massaging gadgets you can find. Apart from coming from a great company, the machine has several customization settings. Thus, you can decide to have a slow, fast or intense massage. With shiatsu techniques, this massager is a dreamboat! It is one of the best home foot massager for runners. Below are some of the features of this massaging tool.


Beurer FM 60 Shiatsu is a compact massager. This Shiatsu measures 14.8 inches long, 17 inches wide by 4.3 inches high. You can carry such a machine in the trunk or back seat without difficulties. It can also fit well under your office table, and this makes it convenient to use at work. The 6-pound weight makes it even more portable. The unit comes with a 1-year limited warranty, so you will need to find that out in the manual guide.


It is always important to know how usable a machine is before you buy it. The Beurer FM 60 Shiatsu is portable and compact, which means it can fit well in the house. It is not a car, so there’s no need having garage for it! Again, the machine has an ergonomic foot platform, which allows you to place your feet without getting hurt. The control panel is also intuitive.


Whenever you decide to purchase the best home massager, ensure that you get one that can last long. This is the thumb rule for anything on which you want to spend your cash. While the stores may have endless lists of foot massagers, you need to find one that is sturdy enough to last long. To do this, you should look at how the casing looks like. The foot area should also be sturdy so that you cannot break the machine just by stepping on it. Of course, Beurer FM 60 Shiatsu is one of the strongest foot massaging machines.

Efficient and powerful

This device does not run on battery power. Instead, it runs on a US 110 to 120 volts. If you purchase a power converter from Amazon.com, you can use the machine to use the 220/240 volts outside the United States. It has 50 Watts and running on 60 Hz power electrical outlet. With such kind of power, this massager provides heat and pressure through 18 rotating nodes and 6 heads.


If you are looking for a top quality foot massager at minimal cost, try the Beurer FM 60 Shiatsu. Apart from its sleek look, the machine has a compact size, which makes it portable and easy to store. Again, it is sturdy and durable, which means it cannot break easily. No doubt, it is a worthy buy!



Compact sized


Cost friendly




It does not massage your calf


1 Zeny Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager Machine

Are you tired of machines that must be operated manually? Well, this is the perfect massager tool! While most massaging gadgets in the market require you to bend over when changing the settings, Zeny has a remote control that gives you the freedom to do it from the comfort of your chair. If you are looking for an automatic and compact calf massager, then you have all reasons to order this machine. Here are some of the features of the Zeny Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling best foot massager for diabetics.


If you need a quality, light and small foot massager, Zeny B00YTM4PBU could work correctly. First, it measures 23” by 14” by 10”. This way, it can massage your calf and feet. The machine can fit under your office table. The therapeutic device weighs about 13 pounds during shipping. So, it is portable too.

Intuitive remote control

Many massaging machines do have a control panel. But the makers of the best home massager understand how strenuous it is to keep bending when trying to change the settings. So, Zeny has a remote control which allows you to take control from the comfort of your chair.

Easy to clean

Of course, it’s not prudent to wash the machine in water- it’s electric! But, you can clean the parts. For instance, you can wipe off dust or sticky stuff from the casing. Then, you can remove the inner cushioned lining, clean it and return it later.


When purchasing a machine, it is always important to consider its usability. Zeny Shiatsu B00YTM4PBU is user-friendly and comfortable. For instance, it has a cute design with an intuitive control panel. The remote control helps you change the settings with ease. Then, you can adjust the intensity quickly. It comes with a manual guide. For comfort, this foot massager has a cushioned surface for your feet.


If you are looking for the best budget foot massager, then you should consider having the Zeny Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager Machine w/ Remote Control Personal Home Health Care Tool Red. The high quality massaging equipment helps you stay healthy and relaxed at a low cost.

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User- friendly




Curative Shiatsu massage



May not be the best for people with broad feet

Best home foot massager Buying Guide

After deciding to invest in a foot therapy machine, you need to consider multiple factors. You need to find out if it is the correct size. Most importantly, the top massager needs to help you enjoy the benefit you bought it for. To do this, there are questions you need to answer. First, is the machine suitable for your health? Is it the best foot massager for the money? Why do you need the massager? Is the device comfortable enough? Your answers should provide a clue on finding the best home massager for you.

Finding the Grade A massager among other Amazon products can be a little taxing. To spare you the stress, below are the most important features you should look for when getting the perfect foot and calf massager. This best foot massager machine Amazon guide will help you out- no doubt about that!

Ergonomic Design:  Large Versus compact design

Depending on why you need a foot massage, you can get a large or compact machine. Well, these machines come in myriad sizes. The biggest massager is the surest way to turn your home into a spa. Needless to jot down, larger massager machines are more expensive. But, for portable massagers, you need to go for smaller sizes, which are cheaper.

Massage Power

A massager’s power output determines how fast the therapy can take place. You need to go for a machine that has an output of at least 40 Watts and a power of between 1000 rpm and 4000 rpm. Higher RPM makes finer and more efficient vibrations, thus better efficiency. Again, you need to check out if the device requires DC or AC power. A DC input may need some special adapter, so you need to find out if it is part of the shipping package.

Variable Speeds

It is important to go for a best massage machine for foot that has variable speed. The best foot massaging tools have a speed control option. At the control panel-, whether on the remote control or the dashboard- you should be able to change the speed anytime. You see, some rates can be too high for your taste or preference. This calls for you to hit base with a speed that best works for you. So, look out for that feature before taking the massager home.

Long Power Cord

It is irritating to have a machine that is fixed to the source of energy. You see, such a machine has limited flexibility, and this means you cannot go far. With a long power cord, though, you can set a chair and have a massage wherever you want. Most power sockets are at the wall, and when you have a long wire connecting your massager, you won’t have to stay there. So, when ordering the best foot therapy machine, check out the length of the power cord.

Numerous Massaging Heads

One of the advantages of machine massage over a therapist is that you can have more than ten fingers. The massaging heads and nodes act as the fingers, but artificial. During the therapy, the machine exacts pressure, heat or water jets using these heads. You should ensure that the equipment you are taking home has as many heads as possible. This way, you will take less time while doing the massage, and the overall result is pleasing. A machine with more than six kneading heads is worthwhile. Some have as many as eight.

Sturdy Construction

For durability, the best foot massager should have a strong construction. The casing, dashboard, and platform should all be tough enough to withstand shock and feet weight. It should also be hard for the massager to break if it falls.

Remote Control

Most massagers in the market have a control dashboard on the upper surface. This, however, hinders the rather smooth therapy. During a massage, you do not want to keep bending over to change the settings. Instead, it is a desire to close your eyes and just enjoy how the machine works on your fatigued muscles. Thus, it is important to order a massager that has a remote control unit as part of the shipping package. Using the device, you can change the speed or other settings without bending your back an inch!

Easy To Store

No doubt, you do not want an extremely bulky massage machine. So, you should go for the massager that can fit in your room without any extra constrain. Remember, when storing the machine, you must ensure there is minimal moisture or disturbance from kids. Like any other electronic device, the best massage machine for legs needs to be kept in a dry place to avoid rusting. Then, pediatricians do not encourage kids to get massages. Moreover, the best foot massager is portable and easy to store in the office or study room.

Automatic Shutoff

Some foot massaging machines require special ways to turn off. The best foot massager can be shut off in a simple dial. All you need is to press the power button on the control panel or the remote control and watch it go off. This feature is important because it gives you the power to control how long you can have the massage. Advanced therapy machines allow you to schedule the massage period. For instance, you can set it to rub your feet for ten minutes, and it will shutoff automatically.

Wrapping up

Surfing the Internet for reviews can be a stressful venture. But I believe best shiatsu foot massager guide is comprehensive enough. By now, you have a clue about which machine you should buy. If you follow our guide, you will get the best foot massager machine ever. When making the decision, though, it is important to listen to your heart. Consider your personal factors, but be sure to follow this guide. We will appreciate if you order through us.

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