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The Only Best Chainsaw in 2018 Reviews That You Need

Are you tired of searching for honest chainsaw reviews on the web? Well, this chainsaw buying is all you need. No doubt, a woodworker without an appropriate chainsaw is not a real professional. But the question that harasses most saw buyers is: which is the best chainsaw? Deciding on the best chainsaw reviews on Amazon is not an easy deal, especially due to the large number of products on the site. If you find an online review with all you need to know about saws, then you are lucky. This analytic post does exactly that!

Yes- Amazon has some of the finest chainsaws, and everything else that money can buy. Unfortunately, few people get to buy the best products. Well, you should pay attention to the customer reviews under every product. That’s not enough, and you must be vigilant about the features, prices, durability, power source and how you intend to use them. This best chainsaw reviews is determined to fulfill this; it defines, describes and illustrates the best power saws.

Then, we have picked and examined each of them the top chainsaws you can ever buy. So, be sure to make a decision by the end of the article. Before then, let’s help newbies understand what we are talking about.

Which Is Best Chainsaws 2018?

A chainsaw helps you cut perfect sizes of logs, which you can later use in workshops or for other home uses. It has a chain fitted with bits or sharp blades that cut into the wood. The chain is mounted on a guide bar, which stretches the chain as it cuts into logs. The power source is either an electric motor or a gas engine. The power causes the chain to move around the bar, and eat up into trunks. There is an ergonomic handle for the lumberjack or user to hold the chainsaw.

As for the best chainsaw reviews, the answers vary depending on the person buying it. The reason of purchasing the chainsaw varies with where you want to use it or the types of trees you want to cut. Of course, some people even consider color as a major factor in purchasing machines. You should reflect on whether the features of the chainsaw are in line with what you need.

Some chainsaws are best for home use, while others work well for professionals. Again, even the professional chainsaws vary, because someone may need to work in a localized place, while others want to go deep into the woods. Then, the domestic chainsaws may also vary in that there are different power sources or kind of work.

When looking for the best chainsaw reviews on Amazon or from local stores, examine the following features; horsepower, ergonomic features, power source, manufacturer, type of tensioning and length of the guide bar. Of course, your budget should be top of your mind when making such an investment.

Well, it is important to appreciate that the best chainsaw for you is not necessarily the best in the market. Likewise, the chainsaw that looks appropriate for you may not be the machine that has the best qualities. Do not forget that cheap machines may have low quality and, the expensive brands may not necessarily be the most suitable for your tasks. The thumb rule is to focus on how a chainsaw fits in your world.

Buying Guide Questions-Best Chainsaw for 2018

Ordering a chainsaw more like buying a car – there are varieties to fit everyone’s preferences. For instance, an SUV may be good for you, but another person may love to ride a sedan car. Below is a summary of the questions that best rated chainsaw reviews guide the purchase of the good chainsaw.

  • Is it ergonomic?
  • What is the length of the guide bar?
  • Type of power source; is it gas or electric powered?
  • Does it have tool-free chain tensioning?
  • Who is the manufacturer?
  • What powers the chainsaw?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are the trees soft or hard, wide or small?
  • What kind of chainsaw user are you?

Best Chainsaw for 2018- A Complete Brand Reviews

Every day, chainsaw manufacturers are trying to make their brands better. In the competition of the best features, some brands are slowly but surely outshining the rest. So, when you want to purchase a chainsaw, pay attention to the brand and manufacturer. This is because some features are unique and only present on distinct manufacturers. Some brands major in gas-powered chainsaws and others in electric varieties. Companies that have been in the market for an extended period are likely to be more experienced than the new ones. Below is a review of the leading chainsaw brands.

1 Husqvarna Chainsaws

All unbiased best chainsaw reviews, in unison, accept that Husqvarna is the Cadillac of chainsaws. It is the dream tool for all professional tree persons. Husqvarna has a broad range of chainsaws. For instance, you can get a sleek and durable homeowner or arborist’s machine. Although it is more expensive as compared to other brands, Husqvarna is more powerful and advanced.

2 Stihl Chainsaws

For many years, Stihl has been a global force in producing hi-tech power machines. Best Stihl chainsaws are not only sleek but also fitted with advanced technology. For example, the latest chainsaws from the company come with an automatic ignition system. This means that you do not have to struggle starting the engine using the pull-cord cylinder system. Stihl’s saws are mainly gas-powered, and they are therefore more potent. The downside is that they are more expensive than other conventional brands.

3 Oregon Chainsaws

Oregon is a household name in making power products, especially those that are electric. Apart from the many years of experience, the company keeps updates on the recent technology, which makes them a global leader in coming up with power home tools. Oregon chainsaws are affordable and easy to use. Although they are less powerful than Husqvarna or Stihl, they are lighter and easier to use.

4 WORX Chainsaws

The Chinese have a great reputation in making affordable products. WORX is one of the century’s most major power tool company from the Asian power. Besides dwelling in technology, the company comes up with the perfect tools for buyers who are working on tight budgets. WORX chainsaws are affordable. Moreover, the saws have intuitive controls and advanced technology. But they are less powerful and cannot last for long when being often used.

5 Remington Chainsaws

Remington is a power tool powerhouse, literally. For more than a century, the company has manufactured startling home devices. They have some of the best chainsaws in the market. Remington’s chainsaws come in both gas and electric varieties. Also, there are specific tools for professionals and homeowners. These machines are ergonomic and affordable. If you are looking for a chainsaw that suits your medium duties, then you should think about Remington.

Buzz with Top Five Best Chainsaw Reviews

We know how troubling it is to make a decision, especially when it comes to chainsaws on Amazon. So, for purposes of this article, we scoured Amazon for the chainsaw reviews. From verified experience, we came up with a review of the five most affordable and highest quality chainsaws. The metric is simple- we consider the type of chainsaw, the horsepower, weight, length of the bar, safety and comfort features. As a brutally honest chainsaw reviews, we also indicate what users don’t like about the saw. And, now to the best chainsaws reviews!

Remington Ranger Pole Saw Combo

chainsaw reviews

Remington is one of the most reputable chainsaw manufacturers. The company has saws for specific needs. For instance, the Remington RM1025SPS is an electric pole chainsaw fashioned to cut branches without climbing trees. If you are looking for a way to trim trees within your homestead or prune fruit plants, then this is the perfect tool.

Remington RM1025SPS has a long pole that allows you to control and reach tall trees while cutting them. The 2-in-1 pole is made of aluminum; it is extendable and can get to about ten feet. The company suggests that you can reach between 10 and 15 feet. The best thing about the pole is that you can detach the chainsaw from the pole without any expert’s skill. Thus, you can prune or trim branches from both short and tall trees.

It has a powerful motor, which can produce about 8 amperes. This may not be ideal for cutting trees but certainly works flawlessly for trimming limbs. Again, the chainsaw is corded, and you do not need to keep purchasing or recharging lithium batteries.

It also has little kickback and a comfortable nonslip handle. Then, it weighs 12.4 pounds, which is quite light to handle. The fact Remington RM1025SPS is electric adds onto its ergonomic nature, because it minimizes the noise and smoke. This makes it ideal for working in places where noise is restricted.

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Remington RM1025SPS pros

  • 2-in-1 pole extendable aluminum
  • 10 and 15 feet
  • 8 amperes
  • Little kickback
  • Comfortable nonslip handle 

Remington RM1025SPS Cons

  • 12.4 pounds may be too heavy for some users
  • It is corded, and thus, has little flexibility

Best Self-Sharpening Electric Chain Saw

chainsaw reviews

Oregon is a household name in the manufacture of chainsaw spare parts. But they are also reliable in assembling their parts to come up with fantastic electric best homeowner chainsaws. The majority of the Oregon chainsaws are electric. They have excellent features like those below.

Oregon CS1500 is a corded electric saw that has an inbuilt braking system that fosters safety. When the chain is moving fast, the braking system stops instantly. Thus, in the case of an emergency, the speed halts with immediate effect, responding to your control.

The machine measures 10.5” by 37.5” by 18 inches and 18 pounds. Thus, it is easy to store and carry .

The motor is powerful, and it gets to about 15 amperes. This is almost equal to the power produced by some light gas-powered chainsaws. Then, the machine has an 18-inch guide bar. This means you can cut through a tree that is about 40 centimeters in diameter. Again, the saw has a tool-less tensioning feature mounted on it. It rids users of the need to keep adjusting the chain.

Then, the Oregon CS1500 chainsaw has a self-sharpening system. This makes the blades sharp at all time and spares you the stress of having to sharpen the tool manually.

The chainsaw is easy to maintain since it requires minimal attention. Once you buy it, you get a 2-year consumer warranty and a 12 months professional guarantee.

Oregon CS1500 Pros 

  • The inbuilt braking system
  • Easy to store and carry
  • 15 amperes
  • 18-inch guide bar
  • Tool-less tensioning
  • Self-sharpening system 

Oregon CS1500 Cons 

  • Corded Chainsaw reduces flexibility

Auto-Tension Worx Chainsaw in best price

chainsaw reviews

WORX is a Chinese giant that makes power tools. Their chainsaws are some of the most affordable in the market, but they also have great features that you might love to try. Most of the WORX tools are electric. WORX WG303.1 is a corded electric chainsaw that has important functionalities.

This chainsaw is corded, which means it has to be connected to the mains power source. Unlike most corded chainsaws, WORX WG303.1 has a stable 14.5 Amp motor output, which makes it ideal for home use. The machine also serves well in farms and ranches.

WORX has a patented tool-less tensioning system for its saws. Thus, when using this chainsaw, you do not need to keep tightening the machine or looking for tools to do it. Instead, the auto-tensioning system lets you adjust the chain such that it does not get too tight or too loose.

Again, you do not have to keep greasing the movable parts. Instead, you can utilize the inbuilt automatic oil lubricating system. It has an oil tank or reservoir that drips into the chain to increase the motion.

It also has an inbuilt anti-kickback and braking mechanism. This helps in improving safety.

The saw has a three-year warranty, which means you can enjoy all these features for eighteen months without a disruption. If anything wrong happens before the moment elapses, you can return it to the manufacturer, and you will receive another.

WORX WG303.1 pros

  • 16-inch bar
  • Tool-less tensioning
  • Automatic lubrication
  • 14.5 Amperes motor output with three horsepower
  • Anti-kickback system
  • Weighs 11 pounds and measures 8.07 by 19.69 by 14.57 inches

WORX WG303.1 Cons

  • It is not very durable
  • Not for professional use

Power beast X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw

chainsaw reviews

Husqvarna is a company that makes some of the finest power tools. The Husqvarna chainsaws have top-notch quality, and they are sleek too. Besides, their products are powerful and durable. Husqvarna 460 is one of these products, and it is a top medium cutter.

This chainsaw has a 20” guide bar that makes it easy to cut through most trees. Such a bar is bigger than most basic homeowner’s chainsaws and thus ideal for medium duties. This includes cutting middle-sized trees. If the chain dislodges or goes loose, you can fix it using the tool-free tensioner. This is a side-mounted feature that allows you mend chain tension without using any other tool.

Husqvarna 460 is a gas-powered saw, which makes it ideal for outdoor activities. It has a 60.3cc 2-stroke engine that can work for hours without requiring to be refilled.

This machine measures 29” by 12.8” by 10.8 inches, and thus you can store it easily. At 12.8 pounds, the machine is a perfect deal for arborists. No doubt, such a chainsaw may not be the best for beginners.

The benefits of using Husqvarna 460 include the following.

Husqvarna 460 Pros

  • Tool-free tensioning
  • 20-inch guide bar
  • Two stroke 60.2cc gas engine
  • 12.8 pounds dry weight
  • An air filter that is easily replaceable and easy to clean

Husqvarna 460 Cons

  • It is too heavy for beginners to handle

Powerful XR Brushless Chainsaw

best chainsaw reviews

Dewalt is one of the best chainsaws manufacturers in the world. The Dewalt Company has a reputation for making some of the best battery-powered electric chainsaws. Especially, Dewalt’s Lithium-ion battery chainsaws are assembled using parts from other companies. For instance, Dewalt DCCS690H1 has a 16 inches Oregon chain and bar with a kick back protection.

With Dewalt DCCS690H1, you do not need to grease the movables manually, because it has an auto-oiling lubrication system. Then, the machine has a variable RPM triggering system. It runs in a 40v, 6Ah Lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable and thus making the device portable.

The saw measures 9.3 by 36 by 9.4 inches during shipping, which makes it easy to store. It also has a portable shipping weight of 19.5 pounds.

This Dewalt chainsaw has several benefits. First, it requires minimal maintenance, and thus, the costs are sliced. This is because it does not have the gas-powered features that require frequent repair.

Also, it has little noise and thus ideal for places that have a noise limit restrictions. Again, it is also ergonomic in that you do not have to pull cords; instead, you need to dial the switch. You should be ready to tolerate the low battery life. In brief, here are the features of the Dewalt best chainsaw reviews.

 Dewalt DCCS690H1 Pros

  • 40v, 6Ah Lithium-ion battery powered motor
  • 16 inches Oregon chain
  • A kickback protection
  • Auto-oiling lubrication system
  • Variable RPM triggering system 

Dewalt DCCS690H1 Cons 

  • Not for professional use

Features To Look For In Best Chainsaw Reviews

When purchasing one by best chainsaws, you need to pay attention to their features. You see, the functionality of the saw depends on the features. If they do not suit what you need, then it is not your type of tool. However, when the device’s features are what you need, then you should take the chainsaw home.

When you want to invest in a chainsaw, finding the best tool on the stores can be confusing. Most people get confused and end up buying the wrong saw. But, that shouldn’t be you. Before you decide on which tool to take home, you should have a checklist to guide you. Below is a chainsaw buying guide to help you know what to look for.

•    Tool-Free Chain Tensioning

For the saw to cut effectively, it must have a well-tensioned chain. Remember, the chain does the actual sawing. If the chain gets too loose, it can dislodge from the bar, and cause possible damage to the machine or injuries to the user. Likewise, a chain that is too tight can cause too much friction and tension, and this can easily break the chain or damage the chain. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that the chain is well adjusted.

When the chain is too loose, you need to adjust it. Some users do it manually. However, some chainsaws have a feature to cater for this. Instead of the manual adjustment, they have a tensioning system that does not require you to use any tool. The tool-free tensioning feature is found on the left (or right) side of the chainsaw. It saves users the time and struggles needed to fix or adjust the chain.

•    Choke, On/Off Switch

When starting a chainsaw, you need to close the choke and increase the throttle speed. If you want it to halt, then you switch this feature off. Well, some tools do have these two features separate, but there are those with the combined switch and choke. Find one that has a switch that is big enough to handle for users with gloves.

•    Easy-Start System

It is not easy to start most gas-powered saws. Pulling the cords may be a difficult stuff to do, because it requires a lot of power. If you are interested in purchasing a chainsaw, then you should go for one that has an automatic starter. Some models have a switch that ignites an electric ignition system. This makes starting the engine as simple as dialing a call! Stihl models have an easy starting system due to the advanced recoil. Some brands also have an impermanent perforation in the cylinder that works against compressional forces thus making it easy to pull-start the engine.

•    Size And Weight

Dimension is an important feature to consider when purchasing one by our chainsaw reviews. The ideal size of a saw depends on its purpose. For instance, hardwood cutters are longer than pruning saws. Likewise, professional chainsaws have a longer guide bar than the homeowner’s variety. Noteworthy, a large saw is hard to handle or hold for shorter or inexperienced people.

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The weight depends on the type of saw. For instance, gas-powered saws have more material that is metallic, and thus, they are heavier. The electric chainsaws have a metallic motor and bar, but most of the other parts are plastic. So, you should look out for the weight lest you take home a machine that you cannot lift.

•    Guide Bar Length

A guide bar is a projection from the motor or engine area of a chainsaw that forms a platform for the chain to run. It has a round tip that enters the tree during cutting. You need to look for a length that’s appropriate for you. This includes finding out if your height works well with the bar. Notably, heavy-duty arborist’s chainsaws have longer bars. Homeowner’s chainsaws are smaller than the professional variety. Then, gas powered chainsaws tend to be a little longer than their electric brothers.

•    Ergonomic Features

Chainsaws need to have features that enable comfort. For instance, there should be an anti-vibration feature on gas-powered saws. Again, you need to have a function that reduces the noise and another that works on the air purge. All these features increase the comfort and reduce fatigue caused by using the machine.

•    Carbide-Toothed Chain

Carbide is stronger than steel, and blades that use this material are powerful. If you are worried that dust, pebbles, and nails may damage your saw, then you should think about getting a carbide-toothed chain. This is the perfect deal for people who are working in rocky or public places where people are used to driving nails into trees.

•    Safety Features

Your safety is more important than anything else, and it should be top of your mind when ordering a chainsaw. It is important to note that most chainsaw-related injuries result from kickback forces. Modern chainsaws have features that help you use the machine safely. For instance, they have an anti-kickback chain to ensure that the blades don’t catch up with you. Then, they have an automatic filter to remove large pieces of dust. Again, the chainsaws reviews have a spring starting system that reduces the force required to pull-start the gas chainsaw.

•    Engine Control Features

When purchasing a chainsaw, you need to find out if it has features that give the user full control of the engine. The chainsaws reviews have a throttle interlock that controls the speed and strength of the machine. With this feature, you can increase or decrease the RPM by regulating the amount of fuel that reaches the engine. If yours is a petrol chainsaw, then you should look out for the throttle interlock feature helps minimize spontaneous ignition.

You should also find a chainsaw that has a clutch system. The clutch gives you the control of rotation, especially, stopping the machine from rotating when in off-mode.

•    Automatic Oiler

If you are planning to oil the cuter using manual methods, then you are signing up for one of the most tedious jobs. You see, the chainsaw moves continuously, and this involves many parts. If you do not oil this machine early enough, then it might end up getting damaged. As best chainsaw reviews that manual oiling are difficult to handle because you take too much time applying the grease. But you can buy a machine that has an automatic oiler. This machine lubricates the chain as you do the cutting.

Types Of Chainsaw Users

Now, who are the target chainsaw users? Or, who should buy a chainsaw by our best chainsaw reviews? Well, anyone with enough money to spare can purchase a chainsaw, but not everyone needs it. This machine is for those who want to cut wood using a machine. If you are tired of using an axe or machete to cut logs, then you should consider ordering a home chainsaw. Likewise, those who do professional heavy-duty lumbering will definitely need an advanced chainsaw. There are two types of chainsaws: the homeowner and the arborist saw. Check out which category you fall, and how it matters.

Homeowner Best Chainsaws

A chainsaw homeowner is a person who buys the cutting machine for domestic purposes. It could be for cutting firewood, pruning, clearing bushes, and removing hanging tree branches. Anyway, chainsaws are distinct, and you can know them right from the stores. For instance, their horsepower is less than that of professional brands. The most powerful domestic chainsaws have 32cc to 45cc engines. Most domestic chainsaws are electric-powered, because they are less noisy, emit no fume, and allow users to plug into a direct power source at home.

Chainsaws for homeowners are lighter than arborist’s tools, and they weigh between 16 and 19 pounds. They can even be lighter if they are electric because they have less metal, no engine, and more plastic. This makes them less durable, too. They are built to work for minimum hours at a time. Again, the bar length is about 16 inches. Such a length works best for non-professionals because it has less recoil force.

Noteworthy, it is under the domestic category that you find the best battery-powered chainsaws. The lithium batteries are rechargeable, and all you need is return them after use. But, it also makes them less durable and inappropriate for heavy, full time duties.

Anyway, all homes need to have a chainsaw, because it makes things easy. Apart from pruning in the farm, the machine can cut firewood and cut misplaced tree branches among other home uses. Whenever you want to buy a chainsaw for homeowners, be sure to find one that is ergonomic too. In short, here is a list of the characteristics of the best homeowner chainsaws.

Features of a homeowner’s chainsaw review

  • 32cc- 45cc engines
  • Mainly electric-powered
  • Less horsepower
  • Light, less than 20 pounds
  • Quieter
  • Shorter guide bar length, about 16 inches

Arborist’s Best  Chainsaw Reviews

An arborist is another name for a professional tree man. Other people refer to him as a lumberjack. Well, it does not matter which gender the person is, because there are female arborists, too. A professional chainsaw user earns a living by cutting logs. This means that he or she needs a chainsaw as much as an Uber driver would need a car. For this reason, an arborist’s chainsaw is quite advanced and powerful. Unlike the home user’s tool, the professional saw is more powerful and durable. Again, it is persistent enough and it cannot go off during the work.

The specifications and features of an arborist’s chainsaw are more advanced than those of the other saws. For instance, most arborist’s chainsaws have powerful engines of about 70cc. In most cases, the professional chainsaws are gas-powered, which makes them heavier and more durable than homeowner varieties. However, a few chainsaws are electric, but with larger, more powerful motors.

Professionals do not like tools that can fail in the field, so they avoid battery-powered chainsaws. Instead, they opt to carry large cans of fuel for their gas-powered saws. Most arborists’ chainsaws find it unworthy to buy the electric-powered chainsaws to avoid the inconvenience that may occur when working deep in the woods. Of note, professionals have to get to remote areas that have no electricity connection. In such places, the gas-powered chainsaws come in handy.

The arborist’s saw has a longer guide bar to assist in cutting trees with large diameters without making multiple passes. The guide bar length for a professional logger ranges from 22 to 36 inches. Noteworthy, long chainsaw bars can be dangerous when used by a newbie, due to the recoil force.

Arborist chainsaws also weigh more than the domestic varieties. Especially, if the saw is gas-powered, it has more metallic material than plastic. Then, the weight of the metal added to the fuel, engine and other metallic features makes the saw heavy. The metallic body makes it durable, too.

In brief, an arborist needs the most powerful chainsaws to cut through big hardwood trees. If you are a professional tree person, then you need to have a professional chainsaw. Most of them are sturdy and powerful. Arborists love chainsaws that are portable and persistent enough to work in deep remote places. Experts’ chainsaws come in handy when cutting hardwood trees, and wide softwoods. Here is a summary of the features of a professional best chainsaw reviews.

A Professional Chainsaw must have following features:

  • 22” to 36” inches long guide bar
  • Engine size about 70cc
  • Heavier than 20 pounds
  • Mostly gas-powered
  • Noisy
  • More horsepower
  • Sturdy

Types Of Chainsaw Varieties

Chainsaws are classified into three categories depending on their source of power. The first type of chainsaws is the gas-powered. Other chainsaws are electric, but one has a cable while the other does not. Noteworthy, the functions and features of a chainsaw depend on its power source. In fact, the source of power determines the output or horsepower, which also affects the efficiency of a saw. Below is a review of each chainsaw variety.

Best Cordless Electric Battery Chainsaw Reviews

If you are looking for a lightweight chainsaw, then this is a perfect choice. This chainsaw is electric, which means it has a motor that runs on electricity. This variety is cordless and has a rechargeable battery, which in turn makes the chain to rotate. A chainsaw cuts into the wood through this process.

Once the battery depletes, you can recharge it as you do to a phone. In most cases, the cordless electric chainsaw has a lithium battery, which means you do not have to keep adding water (like in the case of a car battery) to maintain its life. Instead, all you should do is keep it clean and charged.

Cordless electric chainsaws do not emit smoke because there is no fuel anyway. These chainsaws are also environmental-friendly because they have minimal noise. At least, there is no engine to produce the sound, pollute the air.

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Combined, these factors contribute to the efficiency of this cutting tool towards doing many tasks. First, the chainsaw is light, quiet and portable. This means it can do well in pruning. The fact that it emits no ‘poisons’ makes it even better. Second, the saw is also worthwhile when doing several other light duties at home.

Cordless battery-powered chainsaws have several demerits, too. First, although they are portable, their battery life cannot sustain cutting a wide-stemmed tree. These chainsaws require frequent recharging, which makes them inconvenient. Then, they have less horsepower than other chainsaws and cannot handle heavyweight duties.

Well, although battery-powered chainsaws have their cons, they do come in handy for farm home chores. Unlike the other varieties, the battery chainsaw is light, versatile and ergonomic for home use. Then, it is more affordable than any other varieties.

Best-Corded Electric Chainsaw Reviews

If you are looking for a chainsaw that can connect to the electric power source, then corded chainsaw is the finest deal. In brief, this is a wire chainsaw, which utilizes direct electricity through a cable and extension. The cable connection makes it more efficient than the battery powered electric variety. Instead of an engine, the electric chainsaw has a motor. The current powers the motor, which rotates the chain thus bringing about cutting.

The chainsaw does not require gasoline, but instead, Alternating Current (direct from the mains) powers the motor. This makes it quieter and less emissive. You see, a gas-engine causes smoke and noise pollution, but electricity has less environmental disturbances. The little noise you hear is a result of friction between the wood and chain.

Again, the fact that an electric chain does not have an engine or fuel tank makes it lighter. The only heavy feature in the corded electric chainsaw is the motor, but it is bearable. In most cases, the larger part of the chainsaw is plastic.

The size of a corded electric chainsaw is variable. Some guide bars are relatively shorter than their gas-powered brothers, but longer varieties are available. You need to look out for the length of the cord so that you do not end up ruining your project. If the wire is not long enough, you can add an extension to ensure it gets to the place you want to cut.

The corded electric chainsaw is powerful because it relies on a direct connection to the mains electricity. Well, it may not be as powerful as the gas-powered chainsaw, but most certainly, it is far sturdier than the battery-powered saw.

The corded electric chainsaw has several uses. First, it is ideal for ordinary tasks, such as cutting average-sized trees. It is also worthwhile for cutting large pieces of firewood to warm the house during winter. If you need a saw in your workshop, this is the ideal tool.

Again, most homeowners love the electric (corded) chainsaw because it is quiet and environmentally friendly. If you intend to cut trees in a school, office area or suburban home, this chainsaw will do it quietly without having to disturb everyone. Then, unlike the gas-powered saw, this type does not emit any gaseous pollutants. This makes it healthier and more ergonomic.

However, the wired chainsaw is less versatile and portable. Unless the wire is long enough to cover several kilometers (that’s a fantasy!), you cannot use a corded chain saw far from the source of power. Although it can be a great performer, a corded electric chainsaw does not allow you to cut trees in remote forests. If an area is so rural that it is off the electrical grid, then this chainsaw may not be ideal.

Corded chainsaws are more expensive than the cordless battery variety. But, these electric versions are cheaper than the gas-powered chainsaws. The reason is simple- petrol chainsaws have an engine, metallic body and powerful features that make them expensive. However, electric chainsaws have minimal metallic features.

Best Gas-Powered Chainsaw Reviews

The gas chainsaw is the most popular type of saw. Unlike the electric-powered varieties, the petrol power saw has an engine system that rotates the chain. So, you do not need anything like a wire or motor as long as you have enough fuel for your saw.

This power device works through a simple but convenient concept. The two-stroke engine converts the fuel into motion energy, which rotates the chain around the bar. This allows the tool to cut deep into the wood.

Most best chainsaw reviews agree that the gas-powered variety is stronger and more powerful than other types. This is evident in that the gasoline-powered cutting machines are prominently metallic. Apart from that, the engine produces so much power that some chains can run at an over 10,000 rpm.

Of course, this is not the right machine for urban areas, homes or institutions. With the kind of noise and smoke that the engine produces, it is not easy to work in a place where people want to have their silence. The machine is too heavy to use for home chores or to be handled by novices. It also vibrates too much due to the engine strokes, making it hard to control for beginners. They also tend to be more expensive than the average electric chainsaw.

However, these lumbering machines are quite beneficial. First, they are flexible and reliable in remote areas. You see, they don’t need plugging into electric sockets. Instead, you only have to refill their gas tanks when the fuel runs out.

The gas chainsaws are a must-have tool for all professional arborists. This is because they can sustain a long period of cutting. If you are cutting into hardwood or broad trunk conifers, then the gas chainsaws come in handy. Then, their body is sturdy enough to last for an extended period.

Chainsaw Reviews: How To Maintain A Chainsaw

A chainsaw is just like a car- if you don’t repair it, it might take you to the grave before your time. Now, here are the tips on how to maintain by our best chainsaw reviews.

  1. i) Keep the chain sharp
  2. ii) Ensure that the chainsaw is clean at all times. You must clean it after use to avoid rusting

iii) Oil movable parts to avoid unnecessary friction and wearing out

  1. iv) Make sure you know how to use the chainsaw.
  2. v) Do not use the machine to cut inappropriate material such as melamine, concrete or metals. At least, you must use the saw for its purpose only.

Safety And Maintenance of  Chainsaw

After purchasing the right chainsaw, you need to know how to use it safely. Honest chainsaw reviews remind you that these machines can cut anything, including their users’ flesh. It is therefore important to consider reading and putting the user’s guide in practice. Like any other machine in the workshop, the chainsaw needs to be well maintained, too. A faulty power saw is not only sluggish, but also dangerous. If the chain ricochets, it could cut your legs or head, so you must be careful about it.

Best Chainsaw Reviews Safety Tips

A chainsaw is a cutting machine, precisely. If not well used, the machine can cause serious injury and at times, even death. So, you need to pay attention to the safety guide before using the machine. Again, you should be sure to follow the maintenance tips above. Noteworthy, about half of the chainsaw-related injuries are a result of faulty machines. Below are the reasons things you should do to be safe when using a best chainsaws.

  1. i) Wear safety gear every time you are using the chainsaw
  2. ii) You need to understand how to use your chainsaw. Especially, you must adapt to the length of the guide bar. Although longer bars are more effective in cutting large trees, they can recoil towards you, and this should alarm you.

iii) Ensure your emergency kit is fully equipped and with you when using the machine.

  1. iv) Read the user manual to understand how to use the machine. You may also need a short course on how to cut a tree using a chainsaw.
  2. v) Watch out lest sparks caused during cutting light up the bushes near you. In heavyweight, dry season hardwood lumbering, make sure you have a fire extinguisher and shovel with you.

Summing Up Our Chainsaw Reviews

At times, it becomes hard to decide on which chainsaw to purchase. For this reason, many people end up making the wrong investment. But the thumb rule is to know what you want, long enough before you log onto Amazon or visit the nearest saw store. To make it easier, you need to flip through comprehensive chainsaw reviews on the internet. After finding a guide to buying a good chainsaw, it becomes easy to make an investment you can be proud of years later. Consider your personal factors by best chainsaws as well as the features of different chainsaws. After adding the best chainsaw to your cart, pay attention to the safety and maintenance tips. Have a successful woodcutting, will you?

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