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The Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet For Your Long Ride

Are you a bike enthusiast? If yes, then this comprehensive best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet review is for you!

Riding is entertaining, but without the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you could lock your family and friends out. You see, receiving a phone call while racing your motorbike is quite unwise. Thus, your friends and those you care about cannot communicate to you when you are aboard the bike. But does it have to go that way? Let’s see!

Technology is growing at a fast rate, and so is the need to keep in touch with the people you love. The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet steps in to help individuals listen to music or receive calls while they are enjoying a bike ride. This rids of the need to stop the bike when you want to change a music playlist or receive a call. The helmet’s in-built Bluetooth helmet headsets offer a wireless connection to your smartphone. This is convenient, right?

Well, the Bluetooth helmet kits protect you from both shock and boredom! Now, which is the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker? How do they work? Which features should you look  for? Read on for the answers!

Choose wisely, ride safely, and let your next bike ride be Badass!

If you choose the right motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth built in, you will not only enjoy the ride but also stay safe. A helmet is supposed to protect your head. But, it can also be an excellent communication and entertainment gadget. With the Bluetooth helmet speakers, you will enjoy the ride and thus achieve your biking goals.

How Does a Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset Work?

I believe you’ve already used this kind of technology to share files on your smartphone. But how does Bluetooth work? A Bluetooth speaker has a tiny chip with software that causes the production of safe radio waves. These waves allow other Bluetooth enhanced devices to connect and share files or information.

The Bluetooth waves first form a piconet- a small network- in which members or connected devices can easily pair and share information.

The majority of modern smart devices and computers are fitted with this technology. So, it is present in most smartphones, tablets, and laptops among other portable smart devices. The technology offers a convenient way of linking the devices.

Thus, a Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet can be connects the phone in such a way that it shares information. For instance, when you connect it to a smartphone, you can listen to music or pick calls without needing to touch the phone or get off your bike.

Because the helmet has inbuilt Bluetooth headphones, you may not need to fit earphones inside. Instead, you only need to make the connection and enjoy the ride!

The Advantages of Use a Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Bike enthusiasts understand why they must always wear the best helmet. A ride is a self-realization moment. Riders not only enjoy the privacy but also get a chance to reflect on their lives. The idea of being alone with the wind and the bike is so beneficial to people who need soul searching.

However, there is more than solitude to bike riding. Using the best motorcycle Bluetooth helmet means ripping the advantages. It is like being in a traveling room that can communicate to your friends and family. Better still, the helmet allows you to listen to the best music playlists, right from your smartphone. Anyway, let us see the advantages of using a motorbike Bluetooth enhanced helmet.


One of the greatest complaints from people who use ordinary helmets is their inability to communicate. For riders to talk to other people, they have to literally tuck their phones in the helmet, or stop the engine for a while.

Nevertheless, the Bluetooth-enabled helmets give you the chance to communicate to those you love, anytime.

Again, with this kind of helmet, can talk to nearby passengers using the mouthpiece on the device.

Thus, the fact that you can stay in touch with people makes this helmet dynamic.


Modern Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet have an inbuilt GPS Navigation technology. This helps you trace your way home. With this technology, you cannot get lost. Your friends can easily find you by tracing your helmet.

Basically, the GPS system is directly connected to your earpiece to guide you through the way. Thus, you do not have to stop in the middle of your ride to navigate your home or destination.

The audio GPS navigation system works similar to an operator who tells you to ‘turn left, right find a coffee store across the road.’

If you plan to take an off-road bike ride, then you had better order a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet today. With it, there is no limit to where you can ride!

Enjoy the melodies

Undoubtedly, the main purpose why people look for headsets is to listen to music. And, with the Bluetooth helmet, you can listen to playlists while enjoying the ride. The sound is audible enough amidst the hooting, wind or motor engine noise. You can use your iPod or device to play your favorite tracks. Hey- you may not watch movies or music videos on the Bluetooth helmet!

What makes the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

Having the desire to purchase a motorbike Bluetooth helmet is one thing, but finding the best is another. The majority of riders get lost in the middle, trying to find the best helmet for them.

Sorting out the masks in the store is not an easy job. Therefore, we decided to make it simpler for you by coming up with the perfect Bluetooth bike helmet buying guide. The features below will help you find the best Bluetooth motorbike helmet for you!


Some helmets have an inbuilt Bluetooth while others have it as an add-on. The add-on Bluetooth type has the headwear with the technology added after purchase.

But the built-in is ready made. Right from the factory, it comes with the Bluetooth technology installed already.

If you have a bike cap already, you can install the Bluetooth enhancements. Amazon.com has accessories for that, too.

But we recommend that you get the inbuilt Bluetooth helmet. It is more flexible, durable and convenient.


Size is one of the factors that you should always pay close attention to when purchasing a helmet. You need to look for one that fits you well. Of course, you may also need to consider the weight of the headwear. It is quite unlikely that you want one that’s heavier than your head!

Proper Fit

There are different kinds of head shapes. Some are round, and others are oval. Some are pointed towards the forehead and others towards the back. Whichever is yours?

Well, when ordering the best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet, make sure that it can work well for your head’s shape. Your ‘skull’ should snugly fit in the cap.

The best way to do this is to check out the measurements from the product specification area. See the comments therein for any misalignment of facts.


In addition, you must pay attention to the strength of the Bluetooth signal. In most cases, Bluetooth serves a range of 10 meters. To communicate to people around you, or other bikers, you may need to get a little closer to them.

Strap or Retention System

In simple terms, how well your motorbike helmet can stay on your head without shaking off depends on the strap or retention system.

Some caps have a chinstrap, and it works well because they remain intact even when you are riding at high speeds.

No doubt, you should make sure that the helmet you are ordering is able to stay put even in the case of an accident.


Hey, do not suffocate yourself in the helmet! Because they cover the whole head, these caps can easily make it hard for a rider to breathe. Therefore, you need to find a helmet that pulls in the cool fresh air into the cap and pushes out the hot used air conveniently. The ventilation should not allow too much air to get in and choke you, though.


A good helmet is durable. Of course, you do not want to purchase one every week. Instead, you’d love to get the motorbike helmet that lives so long that you’d have to willingly dispose of it.

In this regard, you need to look at two perspectives; the electronic part and the shell. The electronic part consists of the Bluetooth enhancements. These should be well covered. Again, they ought to be water resistant.

The material used to make the cap determines how long you can wear it. No- no one will recommend a metallic helmet! That could be too heavy! Instead, you should look for plastic or other synthetic materials that could last for long.

Apart from the plastics, you should also find out how long the soft inner linings can endure friction. They should also be removable and washable.


How safe and ergonomic is the helmet you want to order? Well, the primary purpose of a helmet is to protect your head from aggressive wind and shock. It should do exactly that! But how? Just check out for these features.

First, the helmet should have a soft inner cushioning. This could be cotton or synthetic soft materials. No matter what hits the helmet, the lining should absorb the shock to keep you safe.

Then, the cap needs to be hard enough.

You can also check out the helmet’s safety ratings from organizations such as the UN Economic Commission for Europe, and US Department of Transportation. Some of these bike caps have a symbol of accreditation from these bodies.

The Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

And now, here is our recommendation of caps that meet the criteria we’ve outlined above. No doubt, you will like the amazing features and brutally honest review. Noteworthy, they come in different sizes and colors, so you can always order the one that fits your taste.

TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth

TORC is a sleek brand by ILMotor. The company is reputable in making high-quality futuristic helmets.

First, it comes in Medium, large and extra-large versions. You can also choose one depending on your favorite color. TORC T27 is one of the best helmets for people who are looking for comfortable fits.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet reviews

The Mould-Injected Composite Multi-density plastic material gives added protection. Apart from its resilience to breaking, the cap is also durable and resistant to heat and water.

The manufacturer has paid attention to the insulation, too. Thus, the cap keeps the rider’s head fresh throughout the ride. I hate helmets that roast my head in the intense sun. I believe you do, too!

It is based on a strong Bluetooth 2.0 technology. In theory, the radio signal is strong enough to connect two riders who are 1000 feet apart.

It has impressive Bluetooth built-in headsets. The sound comes in high quality because the system has DSP Echo Cancellation features as well as those for Noise Suppression.

If you want to answer, redial or cancel a call, there’s a one-touch feature for that. When someone calls you, the music, FM and GPS Audio systems stop to let you communicate clearly.

Other features worth noting

  • Weighs 5.2 pounds
  • Measures 15 by 11.3 by 10.7 inches
  • Rear venturi exhaust

Things we like about the TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Blinc 

  • It has impressive ventilation features
  • Its inner linings are removable and washable
  • It has clear visibility due to the anti-scratch and anti-fog visor.
  • Comfortable

Things we don’t like about the TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Blinc

  • The Bluetooth may be suppressive on the battery charge

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic

Like other Torc brands, the T14B is an impressive, cute and sturdy best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet. And just like its sister brands, the Torc T14B Bluetooth helmet has great features that you may like. Here’s an honest review about them.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

It has a Bluetooth integrated shell. The signal is strong enough to connect to a smartphone or other Bluetooth device that is several meters away.

The shell is sturdy and streamline. Recently, TORC improved their products’ shape. So, instead of the traditional block shape, they decided to adopt an oval, pointed nose for their shells. According to the company, the new form is inspired by the MAKO shark, which owes its swimming ability to the streamline shape. This helps buoyancy and ventilation of the helmet.

The inner linings are removable and washable. This makes it easy for you to replace them in case they get worn out. They are also soft enough to cushion your head in the event of an unexpected shock.

The ventilation of the Torc T14B is quite impressive because you cannot suffocate inside! You see, it has air inlets and outlets that ensure that only the right amount of air enters and leaves the shell.

Other features

  • Weighs 5.3 pounds
  • Measures 15.1 by 11.2 by 10.6 inches
  • Smoothlock visor

Things like about Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic (Flat Black, X-Large)

  • Certified by ECE and DOT
  • Inner linings washable
  • Sturdy shell
  • Streamline
  • Healthy ventilation
  • Comfortable

Things we don’t like about Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic (Flat Black, X-Large)

  • Some users have complained about Bluetooth failure

Torc Player with Blinc Bluetooth Adult Prodigy T-10B Sports Bike Motorcycle Helmet

The Torc Player T-10B is yet another sturdy and elegant best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet from the TORC Company. If you are a sports rider, this may just be your kind of motorbike Bluetooth helmet.

Torc Player is cute and sturdy. The design, colors, and decorations are made for players, outright. It is streamlined in shape. Also, it weighs 5.2 pounds and measures 14.1 by 1o.7 by 10.6 inches, which is quite lightweight.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet reviews

It has a strong Blinc Bluetooth signal. With Blinc, you have the ability to receive and cancel calls. Using the hand’s free communication features is easy. Via intercom, you can talk to your passenger clearly without needing to remove the cap. It also has a convenient GPS audio unit and clear MP3 sounds.

The inner linings of this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet are removable, replaceable and washable. This makes it easy for you to clean up the shell, anytime.

Other features

  • Durable  Lithium Battery supports 8 hours talk time and up to 150 hours on standby
  • Anti-noise microphone
  • Resistant to weather
  • 100 feet range of intercom
  • Single touch call rejecting, redialing and answering

Things we like about Torc Player T-10B Sports Bike Motorcycle Helmet

  • Weather resistant
  • Elegant and sturdy shell
  • Durable lithium-ion battery
  • 100 feet intercom distance
  • Anti-noise mouthpiece

Things we don’t like about Torc Player T-10B Sports Bike Motorcycle Helmet

  • It may not be easy to hear a person beyond 50 km/hr

Origine O528B Pilota 3/4 Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth (Black, Medium)

Origine 0528B is a great helmet from the XtremeHelmets store. It is a three-quarter helmet with a vintage look. If you are looking for a comfortable, lightweight cap for your motorbike rides, then you might love to try this best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet.

Origine O528B Pilota 3/4 Helmet has Blinc BlueTooth technology that is able to connect users several meters apart. The Bluetooth feature easily syncs with your phone or iPods and allows you to get the best of music and calls without having to install any wire.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet reviews

The control dashboard is intuitive and ergonomic. For instance, you only need to dial a button on the helmet’s side if you want to attend to a call or any other distraction. It has ear pockets which allow you to hear every sound clearly. So, you will not miss any call, alarm or song rhythm.

The Origine O528B Pilota 3/4 Helmet is safe. At least, the DOT confirms by certification that you do not have to be afraid. The DOT certification means that you will be safe riding in the helmet. It also confirms that you will not book a police officer’s ticket.

The Origine O528B Pilota 3/4 Helmet has a double D ring to fasten on your head. Thus, it fits aptly as you can adjust it. The belts cannot hurt you.

Other features

  • Italian design
  • Metal shield thumb screws flip up
  • Weighs 4 pounds
  • Measures 13.3 x 10.7 x 9.6 inches 

Things we like about Origine O528B Pilota 3/4 Helmet

  • Removable, washable inner linings
  • Intuitive buttons
  • Elegant Italian design
  • Blinc Bluetooth technology
  • Great vision 

Things we don’t like about Origine O528B Pilota 3/4 Helmet

  • The mic quality

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip-up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Sun Shield Mp3 Intercom

If you are looking for a sleek elegant and comfortable best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you may love to try the ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular from ILMotor.

It comes in different colors and sizes. So, the red and black caps are available. You can also try the medium and extra-large helmets.

The ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular XL White brand weighs 4.4 pounds and measures 13.8 by 10.2 by 9.8 inches. This is the ideal size for adults with round or bigger craniums.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet reviews

It runs on a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The charger is part of the purchase.

The Bluetooth 2.0 technology is reliable. It takes up to eight hours of talk time and about a hundred and ten at standby mode.

The sounds in the helmet are high quality because the device has a DSP noise and echo cancellation technology. So, the sounds produced are of high quality, even when riding at high velocities.

It also supports about a thousand feet of rider to rider intercom. The installation is even better with the one touch control for call redialing, answering and rejecting.

The incoming call signal overrides the intercom, GPS navigation audio, music and FM radio or anything else you are listening to. This ensures you do not miss any call during the ride.

Other features

  • Stereo built-in speakers
  • Ergonomic lining 

Things we like about The ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular XL White

  •  Stealth 2.0 Bluetooth technology
  • Washable and replaceable inner linings
  • Elegant groovy look
  • Anti-noise features
  • Durable lithium ion battery
  • One touch call control
  • Anti-fog visor
  • Adjustable ventilation 

Things we don’t like about The ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular XL White

  • Audio system needs a little improvement

Are The Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Safe?

Concerns have been raised about the health standards of the Bluetooth technology. Some claim that the Bluetooth radiation could be dangerous. Well, it is important to appreciate that the leading researchers across the world are investing in finding out the extent of the danger of radiation.

Before they do, we have to enjoy the technology. As long as it does not have verifiable effects to human health, yet, I’d say Bluetooth is safe. And, it’s not atomic radiation anyway!

How are Bluetooth helmets different?

Well, you’ve been using earphones all these years. You may have even upgraded to a Bluetooth earpiece. But why should you choose the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet? Let’s see!

A helmet with integrated Bluetooth is more convenient than a wired earphone. In most cases, people who use wired earphones when riding a bike complain that they end up hurting their earlobes. You see, when the earphones are tucked, they end up causing pressure on the earlobe, and this could end up hurting you.

But a Bluetooth helmet speaker does not have projections or pricking parts. It is inbuilt, and this makes it soft and ergonomic.

These days, you can even reply to a text through the voice technology. So, if you want to respond to chats, you do not need to stop your bike. No! You only need to say it, and it’s typed and sent. Voice commands make it possible for you to operate your phone without touching it. That’s how great the Bluetooth headsets can be!

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets for sale: Why you need to buy

As a rider, you need a helmet that is efficient in keeping you safe. But that’s not enough! The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet are an excellent way to keep touch with those you love while offering you a safe and entertaining ride. Bluetooth helmet brands are quite numerous. Thus, you must look into the features to find out the most appropriate for you. No doubt, you do not need to tuck in your smartphone in the helmet to call a person. At least, the inbuilt Bluetooth technology covers for that already!

Best way to use the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Noteworthy, the best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is different from regular versions. So, it may be a little different to use it. As an electronic gadget, its batteries should be fully charged or replaced for optimum efficiency. Here are other tips

  • Keep the electronic part dry. Water and humidity may cause the device to rust or get damaged.
  • Wash the removable inner linings. Return them gently when they are dry.
  • Read the user manual before using the helmet.

The Winner Of The Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review Is…

Well, a helmet is a must have for all motorbike riders. It keeps the head safe from injuries. But safety alone cannot guarantee a good helmet. For such a cap to be part of the best, it must have a sturdy shell. It should be durable, comfortable and fitting. Traditional helmets have these features, too but; they still don’t come anywhere close to the best.

Bluetooth motorbike caps fill in the gap to offer a convenient way to communicate and listen to music while riding the bike. My favorite helmet is the TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth (White, Medium). Which is yours?

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