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A belt sander is an engineering tool for removing the stock and ensuring excellent finish to wood and metallic surfaces. By use of its moving belt and fine grit, you can be sure of finishing your work and getting better shapes for your surfaces. This machine, like any other, fastens the process of working. As per the belt sander reviews, it is both durable and flexible for passing through narrow edges and removing wood for shaping.

Types of belt sanders

In-line belt sander

This is the most common belt sander. In has a code for plugging in the wall socket. It is the best electric belt sander for its motor produces up to ten amps. The advantage of using this belt sander, basing on the best belt sander reviews is that its supply of power is continuous and has no recharge issues. The code, however, limits the working area.

Transverse be Sander

You can consider this as the best belt sander to buy. This machine has the calibration of holding two belts. It has adjustable speed, and you can control its inverter. As far as belt sander reviews are of concern, this is the best belt sander brand to purchase.

Other types of belt sanders

Handheld cordless belt sanders

They have a rechargeable battery. It is an ideal sander for lightweight use. The battery drains very fast, and sometimes it lasts for twenty minutes. According to the belt sander reviews, this is the best cordless belt sander you can purchase.

Table mounted belt sander

This is a stationary belt sander. Its use is different from the handheld sander. It usually rests on a table or bench. There are small and narrow belts within two inches embedded with sanding disks measuring 6 inches wide.

Pneumatic Belt Sanders

According to belt sanders reviews, this is the most populous sander. It has a design for specific applications. They have air compressors for compressing steam. Their size is small. It is however very powerful and the best belt sander for the money. It is useful for hard metals such as steel and aluminum.

Benefits of a good belt sander

When it comes to weight, when you refer to the belt sander reviews, belt sanders are lighter. This weight means that they can be taken out and back to storage quickly. If what you want to do is finishing quickly to pieces and standard material surfaces, then the belt sanders will work well.

They are compact in nature for making them maneuverable. When you have the best belt sander 2017, you will be able to reach tricky spots quickly. You will also have control for covering small areas in a more accurate way.

The make of these belt sanders and the way they perform gives them an advantage when it comes to removing undesired residue on surfaces. The best belt sander can take out varnish or paint easily while maintaining the original finish of an item. When it has the right configuration settings and steadiness in a firm hand, its output becomes visible.

Belt sander reviews indicate that they have the ability to operate at higher speeds for them to perform sanding jobs faster than other sanders. Workers will prefer using belt sanders when doing initial major sanding before addressing other fine details. The belt sander is among the most useful equipment. One can use it in different sanding types like the sanding deck, hardwood floor, furniture, DIY jobs and floor boards. The best home belt sander can be essential for home use, small shops, and fine home building.

If you love taking care of your wood smoothing, then having the right tool at hand is essential. However, selecting the best belt sander is not easy with the numerous options on the market.

Here we will discuss the best Belt sander reviews 2018

Makita Belt Sander for Deck with Cloth Dust Bag

If you are looking for the best belt sander for the money, then Makita 9403 will impress you. This belt sander gets the work done within few hours of use due to its high speed. It also comes with a large front grip that makes the operator feel comfortable while sanding and minimizes noise when it’s on. It is 4” wide, therefore covers a large area, which makes it convenient. The dust bag makes this one of the best belt sander brand in the market for a healthy round operator. You don’t need to have a dust mask on. Comes with a one year warranty, this gives you the freedom of using it freely and better. It’s the most convenient belt sander, especially for paint removal.

Belt sander reviews



Best Sander for wood from PORTER-CABLE

Second on the list is this Porter Cable variable speed belt sander. It has all the features you may need to make work easy and convenient. It’s the best home belt sander you can have on the market. With this belt sander at hand, you are sure to work at a 20% extra speed thanks to the 20 AMP motor. It has a belt-tracking knob that makes belt adjustment easy and quick. Also, it has a variable speed dial that makes operation to range between 1000 to 1500fpm. It comes with a three-year warranty, therefore, becoming the best belt sander to buy.

belt sander reviews



Best Belt Sander Under $100 from Genesis Sander with Cloth Dust Bag

For all your wood work requirements, Genesis is your one-time solution. The model is versatile, and it combines power for easy and comfortable use. For efficient stock removal and minimum noise, in this belt sander reviews. It has a 6.5-foot power cord that allows you to handle bigger projects at a comfortable spot. The handles are adjustable and comfortable to grip hence provides high-quality woodworking results. The low profile of the entire tool provides incredible balance with easy access to corners and tight spots. With the 8AMP motor, you can comfortable use this belt sander even with the minimum experience of its functionality. However, with this belt sander, you have what it takes to achieve great and professional results. It has a dust collection bag that ensures your working area remains clean and dust free. This is also important for your healthy especially when you don’t have a dust mask on. You can also adjust the electric speed for efficient and convenient use. This is the best belt sander for sanding furniture, wood panels and closets.

belt sander reviews



Rockwell RK7866 Best Sander Brands

This is the best belt sander for the money. You can easily adjust the belt tension up to 90 degrees both vertical and horizontal for easy access to corners and tight spots. You can also adjust the sanding table up to 45 degrees for efficiency too. The adjustable belt tensioning makes belt changing easy and faster. Therefore, you will not have to waste time trying to change the belt once the one in use is exhausted. It only works with a 4.3 AMP heavy duty motor, which is an indication that it saves you electricity and power cost. If you are new to the task, it’s the best way to introduce yourself to the industry. If you are looking for best belt sander to buy this is worth the money. It will guarantee you money back service with its longevity. It’s the best handheld belt sander with professional results.



Black & Decker BR318 Low Profile Best Budget Belt Sander

Black & Decker is another Belt sander reviews 2017. It works better than other competitors with its 13% narrow feature that allows fitting too tight places. It has smaller wheels that make it easy for it to get even closer to the edge of surfaces 2X more than other belt sanders. It has a dust bag that is easy to empty when full. If you are a DIY person, you will find this appropriate for all your woodwork experience. It has a comfortable handle design that makes work easier. This sander has an increasing auto-tracking belt that works with 6AMP power. Its design makes it convenient for all sanding with minimum accident risks. This product also comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturers, which is a true reflection of what you expect from the product. With this belt sander at hand, you will obviously meet excellence in your work.

best belt sander reviews



Hitachi Best Home Use Belt Sander

This is the best electric belt sander you can ever find. It has an ergonomic handle design with an elastomeric material to ensure you have a comfortable and convenient hold all the time. This material is the same on both sub and main handles. Hitachi is the best belt sander for the money. It comes with a five years warranty that covers both material and artistry defect. Hitachi is the best belt sander brand that has pioneered the entire industry of sanding worldwide. It’s, therefore, the best tool for steel, wood and paint removal. It comes with a dusting bag that ensures your working space remains clean and free from small inhalable particles. It comes with a 9AMP motor and adjustable speed knob up to 1475 fpm. This product upgrading in features is to ensure that it remains the best there is for all your sanding solution. For professional results, investing in this tool is steps towards the right direction.

best belt sander reviews



Grizzly H6070 Best Budget Belt Sander with 5-Inch Disc

Finally on the list of best belt sander reviews is this Grizzly H6070 Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander. Both the disc sanding table and belt tilts to 45 degrees to ensure you get it right even on the tough corners and bends. In one portable unit, you get a 5” disc sander and 1”X30” long belt. Contour sanding has been made a breeze by the idler and platen roller guard. The features of this product are keenly assembled to ensure that the end product of your work is exciting. This sander gets the work done. It’s ideal for dry sharpening and contour sanding it, therefore, sanding intricate parts for a smooth view of your wood/ steel. It has direct drive, tracking adjustment and two dust ports to ensure that your working area remains clean for a longer period.

best belt sander



Factors to consider when picking a sanding machine

Weight and power

When considering power, you do not need to get a very high power sander in a majority of sanding job, but you can get more power freely. It is advantageous to possess a sander with the power of 10 amps for you to have a broad range of power when operating.

When it comes to weight, all Sanders perform their duties when held in their horizontal position thus their weight is nothing to make you worry. Nonetheless, when carrying out home renovation activities, you will have no option but to use the belt sander in a vertical position. In these occasions, you will require making a choice of a belt sander that has a reasonable weight rating.

Averagely, as per belt sander reviews, a belt sander will weigh about 15 lb. Therefore, if you require the services of a belt sander vertically, you will opt for a sander that weighs about 10 lb for you to handle it easily.

Size and shape

The belt sander reviews indicate that the sanders come in assorted sizes in the market. There are two major classifications of the belt sanders according to their sizes; the 3” *21” and the 4” *24”. The bigger one, which is the 4” *24” is usually put to use for heavy duty sanding. It is hard to control when beginners use it. On the other hand, the 3” *21” is fast, balanced and produces an excellent output of power.

The belt inside the sander is the one that determines its size. The larger the belt, the heavier the sander but, the quicker it works on finishing its job. It is advisable to purchase a larger belt sander when performing heavy industrial work and getting the smaller one when performing daily small scale sanding.

Belt changing

When belt sander uses you have to exchange their belts fast and easy. For you to change this belt, you need to take off the extension. When mounting a new belt, ensure that you track it. Even though some sanders usually come with own automatic sanding, manual tracking is not hard.

Variable speed

Initially, like in the 1990s, Sanders used to have a single operation of speed. The speed has continued to change, and today sanders have speeds ranging to 1500fpm. According to belt sander reviews, you will have to consider a belt sander with variable speed to be a better option to a sander with a single speed. Variable speed sanders are handy when your intention is using them in various applications. When you want to work on surfaces of wood, you certainly need a variable speed belt sander. A single speed sander, however, is not at a disadvantage. You can convert it to fine grit and work and a relatively hard surface of the wood.

Dust Collector

Sanding is discouraging when it comes to dealing with the dust that settles inside the workshop. The companies that manufacture this device have come up with an ingenious way of handling this problem. They have made a dust collector that is fit on the sander which is in the form of a dust bag. Even though this feature will force you to incur an extra charge, it is worthwhile. Some bags are detachable for emptying when full. I advise you to buy the best belt sander with a dust collector.


In all things that you do in your life, you should always value comfort. According to best belt sander reviews, the design of Sanders is different with some having adjustable handles for helping you get into tight work spaces. Individuals with larger hands will prefer flat handles at the front for providing additional control and grip.

Tips on using belt sanders

Being consistent in preparation

Putting in fresh and new pieces of sandpaper before starting the day is vital. Always ensure there is no furl or loop in its power code for eliminating interruptions when moving around. Having a protective gear on is a security precaution. Empty the dust bag before starting the day.

Being aware of the sandpaper you are using.

It is vital to remember that the rougher the sandpaper grit you put on this belt, the quicker the rough surfaces get smoothened. However, belt sander reviews indicate that you will have to switch the sandpaper with a finer one for making the cover to get your desired texture. For you to be sure, you will have to carry out tests of the sandpaper and the belt sander on scrap wood before applying it to your original surface.

Being diligent in practice.

Although you can utilize belt sander easily out of the box, it takes some practice for you to use the tool well to the point of it becoming an extension part of your body. When you use this belt sander frequently, you will realize that the material you are smoothening will get damages than your body. Using it more will build your confidence for using it in more projects.

Being creative and innovative with your sander.

Always remember that your belt has more capabilities than just sanding wood. When you understand this, you will be able to appreciate the abilities of your sander. For example, belt sander reviews states that you can use it to sharpen the edges of the knife and chisel by just running them through the belt sander.

Being open for advice

Sometimes you may think that sanding is a monotonous activity. However, you need to keep your ears open to suggestions of making this job easy with the belt sander. You will unravel the sense of achievement and pleasure by finishing your project successfully. Be open to advise from online and local acquaintances, but I would prefer those with as similar belt sander you possess.

Belt Sander vs. Palm Sander vs. Random Orbit Sander – which is the better?

Belt sander

This belt sander uses a continuous belt which rides on three pulleys. The drive pulley will turn the belt as the idler puller directs it. Most models have adjustments for maintaining the belts centrally. This pulley is best belt sander for moving material.

Palm sander

According to belt sander uses, this sander has sandpaper with special clamps for attachment on the square pad. The pad moves in circles. It handles the 9” *11” sandpapers well, which makes it affordable compared with other sanders. They come with a piercing plate for collecting dust. When you read best sander reviews, it does excellent finishing in corners.

Orbit Sander

This is a blend of the disc sander and the orbital sander. Its motor drives this sander for moving in small orbits. The speed of movement changes with pressure. Its results are close to those given by finish sanders. It is an all in one sander as per the best sander reviews.

Use your sander safely

Ensure that you use your sander carefully for it to stay longer and give you the best service. Always use ear plugs to avoid getting a hearing disorder. Use a protective eye gear to protect your eyes from the dust. Always wait for the sander to gain maximum speed before starting your job. It is important to note that a quality sander will not require you to apply any pressure while working. For your job to be perfect, use a pencil for drawing a track that you will follow when using your belt sander. It’s recommend that you unplug and then coil the cord after using the sander for you to keep its condition well. Finally, make sure you remove the sandpaper and clean the dust debris inside the sander to enhance its lifespan.

Final Verdict

All the above belt sanders are the best belt sander reviews on the market today. However, depending on your usage, picking one of the above can get the work done for you. Generally, sanding can become better and entertaining only if you will make the right choice in buying the best tool for your service. Also, before you settle on a particular belt sander, you have to ensure that it meets your budget standards. Therefore, you should look for the best sander for the money you have.

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