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Why You Should Use A Zero Turn Mower

Why do you need the best zero turns professional mower? Well, everyone has his or her reason to trim the grass. Serenity, pest control, and landscaping are some of the most popular reasons grass needs to be cut. When mowing lawns, you need to get a zero turn mower for its flexibility, versatility and time-saving capabilities. Again, the zero turn machine lets you make accurate cuts around obstacles without hurting your nifty flowerbeds.

The machine rids of the need for back mowing by 70 per cent. This means you save both time and resources needed to give your yard a well-manicured lawn. No doubt, the machine is far better than ordinary lawn mowers because it is swifter and more versatile. Apart from lasting longer, the zero turn mower is also ergonomic. In brief, here are some of the benefits and reasons you should use this fantastic mower.


Before you make a purchase, it is important to confirm if the product is going to last. Especially, when it is a machine, durability is a top requirement. You see, it’d be very discouraging to invest thousands of dollars in a product that will get damaged the next day. A zero turn mower is designed for durability. When adding one to your cart, check if the specifications have the right design and measurements of the steel chassis. You also need to check how the engine is mounted on the rear part.


A twin cylinder OHV engine is more powerful and has less vibration than the single cylinder. If you want a smooth ride on the zero turn mower, you need to consider purchasing a mower with the twin cylinder engine.


A ride-on mower should have a comfortable seat and armrest. So, ensure that the zero turn riding lawn mower you are about to take home has an ergonomic seat and back support. Also, confirm that the armrest is in place. Most importantly, good ZTR mowers have an intuitive control panel. Noteworthy, a comfortable machine lets you mow with precision. Again, find out if the provider also produces the accessories required to complement lawn mower.


When a machine is user-friendly, you can adjust the speed to suit your level of experience. A lawn mower should let you customize the features. Again, you should be comfortable when making adjustments. High RPM is most suitable for flat and open areas, while low speeds are the best for versatility because they allow you to mow around obstacles. This means you can make precise mows like those that you’d do when trimming with your hands, but faster.


Construction design of the deck is an important factor to consider when purchasing a mower. The entry level, midgrade and semi-pro ZTRs have lighter gauge steel decks. Commercial zero turn mowers have bigger welded heavy-gauge-steel decks. In fact, the commercial brands have multiple decks to increase performance. The best zero turn lawn mowers are fitted with wheels to raise the decks in the case of rugged ground. This also helps in preventing uneven lawns or ground scalping.

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No doubt, the best zero turn mower to buy occupies the apex of machine prices. The best zero turn mower residential varieties come at high-end but affordable prices. If you need the commercial brands, you will have to pay a few more thousands of dollars. But, with the kind of features that the machine has, it is worth the price.


There are times when you want to make an inch-high grass carpet for your yard. This requires an adjustable cutting deck. Changing the height lets you give the best shots when owing. The best zero turn mower brands have a foot pedal to adjust the cutting height. Thus, you raise the cutting decks for a while when making precise cuts in rugged terrains.


Of course, the zero turn mower is a massive machine. This can be straining for the tires, so they need to be wide enough. 4-ply tires are the best because they are wide to distribute the weight to ensure the mower does not topple over when attending slopes.

This video is a graphic, real life illustration of how to choose a zero turn mower. If you want to know more about the zero turn mower, it’s recommendable that you spare some time to watch it.

Why Zero Turn Mowers Are Efficient

No doubt, zero turn mowers are more efficient than traditional machines. They are quicker, more versatile and comfortable. The best varieties have a value for the money, and their features tell it all. Below are the reasons why turn mowers are efficient.


No doubt, zero turn mowers are the most versatile lawn mowers in the market. If you’ve used traditional mowers before, you know how hectic it is to trim the grass at acute corners. When they get at the end, ordinary mowers have to engage the reverse gear to address the next lawn. This still leaves a line of unattended grass. In the end, the mowing becomes ugly and irritating.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are using the zero turn mowers, the process of mowing becomes easy and exciting. At least, you can maneuver and make 180 degrees turns anytime you get to the end. By a simple engagement of the levers, you can turn the machine and more the other part of the lawn.

Then, the best ZTR mowers have independent motors for every rear wheel, which makes them ideal for precise maneuvers. The motors also give you the accurate cuts you need for acute corners and around obstacles. Using the levers, the person operating the mower can move forward, backward or right and left.

Without extra effort, you can mow the tightest spaces around obstacles or trees. Then, after you have gained experienced in using the zero turn lawnmower, you can make the finest cuts within a short time. Thus, maneuverability is one of the most important reasons why these mowers are so efficient.

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The zero turn mower is not only a powerful machine but also a durable equipment. It is okay for the shock, engines and hydraulic systems to wear down. Anyway, such parts are always in motion, which exposes them to friction and this makes wearing out inevitable. But the rest part of the machine can last for decades.

The zero turn mower can last more than ten years. Noteworthy, the ordinary machines can only last for about six years. Again, if you use your lawnmower for a few hours in a day, it means there will be less friction and longer life. If you use it well, the mower can last up to twenty years, while mowing every day.

Spend less time mowing

You have other business to do, and the zero turn mowers know that. For that reason, they allow you to mow your lawn in a few hours. In fact, advanced ZTR machine can finish mowing a four-acre piece of land in less than an hour. There are several reasons why the zero mower takes shorter to give a manicured mowing.

First, it is comfortable and ergonomic to use. The levers, seat and control panel is well placed for your comfort. Second, you don’t have to get out of the mower when you get to the end. That’s why it is ‘zero turn’ anyway. Third, you can make perfect mows around trees and other obstacles.

Fourth, you do not have to redo mowed areas because the machine does not leave any patches. Again, the engine is powerful enough to handle the toughest types of grass. Then, it is easy to use, even for novices. As long as you master the levers at the control panel, you can mow the grass without difficulty.

Superior Mulching Capability

Mulching is important in making grass grow. It is all about adding more humus to the soil through dead plant matter. This adds warmth and moisture, which are necessary for growth. When you want to mulch your grass, the zero turn mower comes in handy.

The mower’s high-speed blade cuts grass and leaves to the right size, which makes it good for mulching. This saves the time and resources needed to collect grass after mowing. So, you can save the bags for corn!

Competitive prices

Whenever people hear about zero turn mowers, they fear the prices. But, if you take the time to calculate the expenditures needed to maintain an ordinary lawnmower, you’ll see that the zero turn mower is worth the price. For instance, the ZTR mower is durable and does not require constant repair. This owed to its design, which helps it to avoid digging into the ground during mowing. Then, it mows faster, thus saving time for other money-generating activities. When mowing with ordinary machines, you might have to sacrifice a whole day.

So, Zero Turn Mower commercial are expensive for a purpose. They save you cash in the end. Several models can fit your budget. For example, you can buy the Poulan, John Deere or the zero turn mower Husqvarna. Their speed and horsepower can vary, but they do have most of the features highlighted in this review.

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Fuel Efficient

Some zero turn mower reviews state that the machine is a fuel guzzler, but let’s face it. While it is agreeable that the engines are powerful, it is also fair to appreciate the fact that less fuel is consumed when making maneuvers. You see, in ordinary mowers, a lot of fuel goes to waste while trying to make turns. Traditional lawnmowers have to attend the grass twice because they leave untrimmed patches.

The zero-turn mower can make even the acutest of turns. When you get to the end of a lawn, you don’t have to go back or strain the gas consumption. Instead, you only need to engage the turning gear, and no patches will be left. In addition to saving fuel, the mower eliminates unnecessary operation costs.

Cleaner Cuts

The cleanest cuts come from the most powerful mowers. The commercial zero turn mower have higher RPM than ordinary lawnmowers. This is what you need when making finer cuts and giving the best touch to your yard or meadow.


It’s not a race of tractors, right? But that does not mean you shouldn’t hurry! The zero turn mower has a more powerful engine than most conventional lawnmowers. This makes it swifter and thus saves you time and resources.

A zero turn mower is twice as quick as an ordinary mower or tractor. The machine has a maximum of 8 miles per hour as opposed to the usual 4 miles per hour. The advanced varieties are even quicker!

Less Trimming and Weed Eating

Most landscape experts agree that the zero turn lawnmower reduce weed eating time by 50%. Well, many people find weeds a nuisance. It competes for nutrients with the grass; thus, the lawn fails to grow green enough, while the weeds thrive.

But, with the best zero turn mower, you can reach the acutest corners so that no plant remains uncut. The lawnmower also lets you make cut the grass and weeds that remain under trees or around obstacles. This fights weeds on all fronts and wins after a few mows.

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